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Transition Leadership Institute Handouts (2016)

Transition Leadership Institute - Summer 2016

Keynote Speaker - Christian Moore


Mental Health Supports for Transitional Age Youth

Presenter(s):  Julia Wigert/Laura McArthur/Kristyn Nassif


Secondary Transition Planning: The Letter vs. the Spirit of the Law

Presenter(s):  Gloria Durosko/Gail Lott


Supported Employment

Presenter(s):  Michele Craig



Presenter(s):  Cheryl Carver/Steve Wright


From Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment and Coordinated Services to Finding the Right Job Match

Presenter(s):  Gene Bamesberger/Courtney Kallas/Kara Shuler


Indicator 14: Collecting, Analyzing, and Making Good Use of Your Post-Secondary Outcome

Presenter(s):  Romie Tobin/Jocelyn Walters


What is CTE and how can my students benefit?

Presenter(s):  Lauren Jones-Austin

Higher Education Panel: Inclusive Education

Presenter(s):  Scott Kupferman/Robin Brewer/Cathi Allen/Christa Kasa


Building Capacity and Sustaining Practices

Presenter(s):  Donna Trujillo/Nancy Ingalls/Judy Jordan


Alternative Pathway to a Diploma . . . Then and Now

Presenter(s):  John Paul Burden/Gene Bambesberger


Transition Quality Indicators Students with Significant Support Needs

Presenter(s):  Dixie Periman/Gina Herrera/Kara Halley/Robin Brewer


Family Partnerships/Promising Practices

Presenter(s):  Darcy Hutchins


Become MMC: Meaningful Career Conversationalist through ICAP and PWR Implementation

Presenter(s):  Lauren Jones-Austin


Innovative Assistive Technology for Transition-Age Students

Presenter(s):  Scott Kupferman


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