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SPP/APR 6-Year Target Setting - Public Comment and Stakeholder Involvement

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Exceptional Student Services SPP/APR 6-Year Target Setting Public Comment and Stakeholder Involvement - We want your feedback

State Performance Plan/ Annual Performance Reports (SPP/APR)

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires each state to develop a state performance plan/annual performance report (SPP/APR) that evaluates the state’s efforts to implement the requirements and purposes of the IDEA and describes how the state will improve its implementation. The SPP/APR includes indicators that measure child and family outcomes and other indicators that measure compliance with the requirements of the IDEA.

The "SPP-APR FFY2020 Submission" video provides an overview of the reporting cycle. Below, is the list of the SPP/APR indicators for which CDE seeks input from as many Colorado Stakeholders as possible. Please watch a short video and click on the corresponding blue feedback form button to tell us what you think of the proposed targets and improvement strategies.

Indicators requiring target setting:

Secondary and Post School Outcomes

  • Indicator 2 - Dropout rate
  • Indicator 1 - Graduation rate
  • Indicator 14 - Post School Outcomes

Provide Feedback Indicators 2, 1 & 14

Note: All surveys are in SmartSheet format

Assessment and Educational Environment

Indicator 3:

  • Participation and performance on statewide assessments


4th Grade Focus (ELA & Math)

Provide Feedback Indicator 3 (4th)

8th Grade Focus (ELA & Math)

Provide Feedback Indicator 3 (8th)

11th Grade/High School Focus (ELA & Math)

Provide Feedback Indicator 3 (11th)

Indicator 5:

  • Educational Environment for 5-year-olds in K and ages 6-21

Provide Feedback Indicator 5


Indicator 4:

  • Suspension and expulsion rates

Provide Feedback Indicator 4

Early Childhood - Preschool

Indicator 6:

  • Educational Environment for 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds enrolled in a preschool program

Provide Feedback Indicator 6

Indicator 7:

  • Preschool performance

Provide Feedback Indicator 7

Family Engagement

Indicator 8:

  • Parent involvement

Provide Feedback Indicator 8

Dispute Resolution

Indicator 15:

  • Hearing requests that went to resolution sessions resolved through resolution session settlement agreements

Provide Feedback Indicator 15

Indicator 16:

  • Mediations held that resulted in mediation agreements

Provide Feedback Indicator 16

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