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Professional Learning (SLI)

Professional Learning (Speech or Language Impairment)

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Fall Speech-Language Online Courses

Strategies to Write Informational Text

Strategies to Write Informational Text for Secondary Students is an 8-week self-paced course with 11 modules that provide resources to support the writing process. It follows the book by Jill Jackson, How to Teach Students to Write Informational Text. You will not need the book to complete the course, but if you are a Colorado public school educator, you will receive a copy if you do.

This course meets the special education licensure renewal requirement for 27 professional development hours.

Course Start/End Dates:  October 5th through December 30th, 2022

Registration for this course has closed.

This course will also be offered in Spring 2023. 

Auditory and Language Processing Disorders

The Auditory and Language Processing Disorders is a 10-week, self-paced online course with 5 modules. Each module is moderated by Gail Richard, PhD. This mini course is about the special educator’s role with understanding auditory and language processing disorders through assessment and intervention.

Participants will earn 7 professional development hours for completion of the course.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Evolution of the terms for auditory processing
  • Top-down/bottom-up processing approaches
  • Processing continuum for SLPs and audiologists.

Course Start/End Dates:  October 5th through December 30th, 2022

Registration for this course has closed.

SLPA Supervision in Colorado Schools

This is an online, self-paced course for any school-based speech-language pathologist who is new to supervising speech-language pathology assistants (SLPAs) in Colorado schools or who needs a review. This is not intended for administrators who are evaluating SLPAs for performance review, although administrators are welcome to take the course if you want to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of speech-language pathology assistants and the speech-language pathologist supervising them. 

The course consists of three modules with narrated presentations, articles, and resources to support you in your role as supervisor. There are reflection questions for each article and a quiz at the end of each module that must be passed at 80% in order to receive your contact hours certificate. This course is designed for SLPs who will be supervising SLPAs for the first time or need a refresher on:

  • Understanding supervisory processes, including collaborative models of supervision.
  • Roles and responsibilities of supervisors, not performance review evaluators.
  • Roles and responsibilities of SLPAs according to Colorado

This free course meets ASHA’s 2-hour supervision requirement, and 10 CDE contact hours are available.

Course Start/End Dates: Open year-round. Participants will have 6 months from their enrollment date to finish the course and download their certificate. 

Register for the online course. (Registrations are processed the third week of each month).

Social Communication and Engagement Triad (SCET)

The SCET Triad is a 6-week, self-paced online course with 6 modules to learn about the interconnectedness between communication and engagement. This course is intended for educators who support students with an autism spectrum disorder or other complex communication disorders. 7.5 CDE Contact Hours available.

Explore the following foundational principles and intervention considerations:

  • theory of mind
  • motivation
  • joint attention
  • shared control

  • use of environment
  • social and daily routines
  • emotional regulation
  • building relationships

Learn more about this opportunity by viewing the SCET syllabus (Google Link)

Course Start/End Dates:  October 5th through December 30th, 2022

Registration for this course has closed.

Language and Literacy Journal Club

The Language and Literacy Journal Club are online courses that use articles about language and literacy to create the opportunity to read professional articles related to school-based issues, participate in online discussions to support the implementation of strategies, and complete a knowledge check assessment. Credit hours vary by topic.

Journal Club Topics: 

  • Multidimensional View of Reading Comprehension - These articles address the multidimensional aspect of reading, including the role of the SLP in assessment and intervention of reading comprehension.
    Completion of Multidimensional View of Reading Comprehension journal club course is worth 7 CDE contact hours. 
  • Analyzing Language Samples in Adolescents to Support Student Growth - This journal club looks at articles on how early speech or language disorders may affect language and literacy outcomes during adolescence. It explores how spoken and written language samples can be useful in assessment and intervention.
    Completion of the Analyzing Language Samples journal club course is worth 4 CDE contact hours.
  • The Impact of Speech-Language on Literacy - This journal club focuses on increasing your understanding of the impact language development has on reading and writing skills as literacy develops over time.
    Completion of the Impact of Speech-Language on Literacy journal club course is worth 5 CDE contact hours.
  • What SLPs Need to Know About Dyslexia - This journal club focuses on the role speech-language pathologists play in assessing and providing interventions for students identified with or suspected of having dyslexia.
    The What SLPs Need to Know About Dyslexia journal club course is worth 8.5 CDE contact hours.

Course Start/End Dates:  October 12th through December 30, 2022

Language and Literacy Journal Club Flyer [PDF]

Registration:  Registration for the the Language and Literacy Journal Clubs will remain open until October 12, 2022. Participants may register for more than one course. Register for the Language and Literacy Journal Club. 


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For more information about services for students who have speech or language impairments in Colorado, please contact:

Shani O'Brien
Speech-Language Specialist
Email Shani O'Brien


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