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K-12 Student Discipline Analysis


2013-14 K-12 Student Discipline Analysis coming soon.

2011-12 K-12 Student Discipline Analysis

The 2011-12 school year marked the last year in Colorado before the passage of SB12-046, incorporated as an amendment to HB12-1345 (School Finance Act). This eliminated statutory mandates for schools to expel students for felony assaults, drugs, weapons, and robbery. The new law also encouraged less out-of-school suspensions and less referral to the juvenile justice system for school-based behavior. It also encouraged alternatives to suspension and expulsion through the use of graduated penalties identified in school discipline codes and maximizing multi-tiered systems of support for students experiencing behavior difficulties. The bill became nationally known as landmark legislation to eliminate "zero tolerance." Data from future school years will be compared to the 2011-12 data.

This analysis of K-12 student discipline incidents data pertains to behaviors that violate student Codes of Conduct that school districts reported to the Colorado Department of Education for the 2011-12 school year. The analysis has three components available at these links:

Colorado 2011-12 School Discipline Analysis (Narrative Report/Findings)

  • Depicts the actions taken, i.e. suspensions, expulsions; referrals to law enforcement; disciplinary actions by race and ethnicity; the most common behaviors disciplined; actions taken by elementary, middle/junior high, and senior high schools; expulsions still mandated by law in 2011-12 vs. actual expulsions that occurred; and overall conclusions.
  • Includes a comparison to the 2006-07 report data, which is the last time an analysis of this kind was completed.

Colorado 2011-12 Charts and Graphs of School Disciplinary Actions

  • These tables, charts, and graphs display various information for the 104,519 disciplined incidents reported to the Colorado Department of Education for the 2011-12 school year. Each one is described on the Table of Contents. The Table of Contents descriptions also link directly to the page that displays the information. Readers can choose to scroll all 29 pages, or go directly to the page for which they are most interested in viewing.

Comparisons to the 2011-12 K-12 Student Discipline Analysis

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