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The October 2001 Colorado public school membership (742,145) increased by 17,637 students from the
October 2000 count of 724,508 students. This was a 2.4 percent increase.

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Public School Membership 2001 Release Memo
Pupil Counts by Grade Comparisons (1981-1991-2001)
Pupil Counts by Race/Ethnicity Comparisons (1981-1991-2001)
Pupil Counts by Year (1981 through 2001)


Denver Metro Area Student Enrollment Increase from 1991 to 2001
District Ranking by Fall 2001 Pupil Membership (High to Low)
Districts Serving Non-Resident Students
Fall 2001 Pupil Membership by District and Grade Level
Fall 2001 Pupil Membership by District Setting
Fall 2001 Pupil Membership by Instructional Program
Students Attending Public Schools Not in Parent's District or Residence

5-YEAR TREND DATA (District Level)

Membership Trends for American Indian Students (1997-2001)
Membership Trends for Asian Students (1997-2001)
Membership Trends for Black Students (1997-2001)
Membership Trends for District Totals (1997-2001)
Membership Trends for Elementary Schools (1991-2001)
Membership Trends for Hispanic Students (1997-2001)
Membership Trends for Secondary Schools (1991-2001)
Membership Trends for White Students (1997-2001)


Fall 2001 Pupil Membership by School and Grade level
Fall 2001 Pupil Membership by School, Ethnicity, Gender & Grade Level

K-12 Free and Reduced Lunch Eligibility by County, and District  (XLS)

Student Teacher Ratios

HOME-BASED EDUCATION MEMBERSHIP As specified in 22-33-104.5 C.R.S. (formerly "Home Study")

Home Based Education, Fall 1997 through Fall 2001


Non-Public School Membership 5-Year Trend (1997 through 2001)
Non-Public School Membership by Grade Level

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