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2000-2001 Safety and Discipline Indicators

The 2000-2001 school year had a suspension rate of 16.3 percent and had an expulsion rate of 0.3 percent. Because the categories and method of collection was different from previous collections, comparisons to previous years may not accurately reflect true increases or decreases.

In order to meet the reporting requirements of 2000-2001 Legislative Requirements, Suspension and Expulsion was removed from the end of year and the June Safety and Discipline Collection was created. This data collection also increased the reporting categories.

Previous years' suspensions were collected only for Out of Schools suspensions. Because the collection requirements were expanded to include Classroom Suspension and In School Suspensions, the number of suspensions are going to be much higher than last year's report.

In school year 2000-2001 Safety and Discipline Indicators were collected by Type of Incident and by Race/Ethnicity and Gender of Students involved in those incidents. The reflect the Race/Ethnicity and Gender of the students involved.

District Level Data

School Level Data