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Teaching in Taiwan

In an effort to enhance the English learning environments for school-aged children, Taiwan Ministry of Education has been actively recruiting American Teachers to teach in K-9 public schools in Taiwan. The goals of the program are to broaden English immersion experiences of Taiwan's young minds and to establish inter-school relationships between the United States (US) and Taiwan. The Teach in Taiwan FACTSheet outlines general information, goals and the application process.

Applicants must:

  • obtain a bachelor's or higher degree,
  • be a certified teacher,
  • commit to abide by the laws and regulations of Republic of China (Taiwan),
  • be competent in interpersonal and communication skills,
  • demonstrate understanding and be respectful of the local culture,
  • submit a completed application package to the Education Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston (must be received no later than May 30).

Interested candidates should review the application overview and complete all necessary documents, including the application package and the health certificate. Additional information can also be found in the frequently asked questions.


Information and documentation:

Application Overview (.doc)

Application Package (.doc)

Health Certificate (.doc)

Frequently Asked Questions (.doc)