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Designated Agency Reauthorization Checklist

Preparing to Submit

Am I in the Right Place?

Use this checklist to gather the supporting information you’ll need to submit to CDE when submitting for reauthorization of all approved endorsement areas.

Application Fee:



Contact Information

  • Entity name
  • Main contact name, role or title, email address, phone, and mailing address

Program Information

  • Identify the endorsement areas offered by your program
  • Complete the Program Report

Key Outcomes: Additional Submissions

Coursework/Training Evidence

Matrices: Endorsement Standards and Educator Quality Standards

  • Complete the Teacher Quality Standards Matrix and/or the Principal Quality Standards Matrix as applicable
    • All Designated Agencies that offer a Special Education Generalist alternative program must also complete the Special Education Generalist matrix.
    • Depending upon the variety of endorsement areas offered in your program, you may complete more than one Teacher Quality Standard matrix. For example you may complete one for elementary and one for secondary endorsement areas.
  • Endorsement Coursework Tables
  • Syllabi/Training Modules


Data/Evidence of Candidate Learning/ Performance

Please choose three (3) or more forms of candidate learning/performance evidence from the list below:

  • Candidate performance assessments
  • Candidate work samples
  • Fieldwork evaluation ratings
  • Fieldwork qualitative descriptions.
  • Stakeholder survey results
  • Stakeholder focus group findings

Submit Additional Program Information

  • Document any additional information that your program would like to share with CDE
    • The submission form includes a freeform text area for you to share any additional information

Prepare Information to Submit Your Application

  • Collect or complete all required documentation listed in the sections above before accessing the online application
    • Please note: You must complete the application submission process in one session; in-progress applications cannot be saved and completed at a later time
    • Once you have all of the required documentation, the application requires less than 10 minutes to complete
    • Remember, certain documents noted previously must be combined into single files before you submit them


Once you have gathered all of the information listed above, you are ready to begin the online process!

Check Status

  • After you submit, you will receive an email confirmation and copy of your submission
    • If you don’t receive the confirmation, check the junk/spam folder in your email program
  • Save the confirmation email as a receipt of your submission
  • If you have questions about the status of your application, contact CDE: