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Ongoing Engagements: Designated Agency Reauthorization


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Welcome! If you’re reading this, then you’re participating in the scheduled reauthorization of your Designated Agency.

On this page, you'll find a brief overview of the process for participating in the reauthorization process.


The Colorado Department of Education reauthorization process is an in-depth review of alternative educator preparation programs with the goal of continuous improvement to meet the standards established for each endorsement through the CDE Rules and Regulations.

CDE Reauthorization Goals

  • Evaluate alignment of educator preparation program content to the CDE Rules and Regulations.
  • Evaluate quality and depth of candidate experience so as to ensure CDE Rules and Regulations are met within the educator preparation program.
  • Evaluate impact of completers/teacher candidates on student learning
  • Provide opportunities for reflection about the educator preparation program and support a process of continuous improvement.


Authorization and Reauthorization Submission Timeline

Event Type

Application/Matrices Submission Timeline

Review of Submission Occurs
New Educator Preparation Program Authorization June 1-  November 30 January, 1-2 days
Authorization of Added Endorsement Program June 1 - November 30 January, 1-2 days
Reauthorization visits scheduled for September, October, November, and December June 30 July, 1-2 days
Reauthorization visits scheduled for January, February, March, April, and May October 31 November, 1-2 days


Please see below for specific resources regarding Designated Agency Reauthorization. Please submit all required materials (site visit agenda, program report, data, syllabi/training modules and any other supplemental materials) to CDE six (6) weeks prior to your site visit. Please see the link as to when matrices are due.

Please use the Reauthorization Checklist to help guide your submission. If you should have any questions throughout this process, contact CDE's Educator Development Office.