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Induction Proposal Submission Guidelines

Please make sure that you complete this cover page as the first page of your submission.

In accordance with Colorado state statute 22-60.5-204(1), any approved induction program proposal of a school district for initial educator licensees need to include:

  1. Supervision by a mentor teacher

  2. Ongoing professional development and training, including ethics and performance evaluation

  3. Self Evaluation  

Mentor Teacher Supervision Requirements

Districts must put in place a plan for the selection and training of mentors as well as guidelines for the mentor's role and responsibilities. These guidelines may include that:

  • The mentor is an experienced professional in the same subject area as the inductee who consistently models the Teacher/SSP/Principal quality standards with demonstrated excellence in practice as measured by the district educator effectiveness system.

  • The mentor is an active and open listener and is competent in interpersonal and public relations skills.

  • The District establishes concrete expectations of the mentor as coach and advocate for the inductee.

Professional Development Training Requirements

Effective induction programs shall provide professional support for inductees that include:

  • Information relating to the Colorado Academic Standards and Teacher Specialized Service Professional and/or Principal Quality Standards.

  • Detailed information regarding the educator effectiveness evaluation model.

  • Information related to school and district policies and procedures

  • Local district goals and content standards.

  • Educator roles and responsibilities (including moral and ethical conduct)

  • Information about the school community.

  • Substantive feedback to the inductee about performance

Self Evaluation

Please include with your proposal a plan for program evaluation over the next five years.This evaluation should measure the impact and effectiveness of the proposed induction program.

  • Measurements could include participant surveys, retention rates, and effectiveness ratings of program participants

Induction Program Submission Review Process Information

  • Please submit proposals to Jenn Weber at
  • The review process can take up to 6-8 weeks for review and State Board of Education authorization.
  • If the review team has questions or concerns regarding the proposal, Jenn Weber will be in touch with contact person identified in the cover page.

 Additional Induction Program Considerations

  • An Induction Proposal should inform and support new-to-the organization teachers, special service providers, program administrators and principals, and can also be utilized as a pro-active strategy to meet the organization’s measurable objectives.
  • Even in districts with few available staff, a well-developed often-updated resource handbook, which could be online, and a well-informed reliable mentor or support system available to answer inductee questions might make all the difference in the world to a newcomer…and his/her students.
  • Based on Colorado Revised Statutes [22-60.5-201 C.R.S.] and Colorado State Board of Education (SBE) Rules [22-60.5-R-13.00] requires a cyclical (5-year) review of School District Induction Programs.


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