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Adding an Endorsement to a Valid Teacher or Special Services Provider License

Educators seeking to add a second or subsequent endorsement area to their valid Colorado Teacher or Special Services Provider Licenses may do so by completing a state-approved program at an accepted, regionally accredited college or university and passing the associated content exam; by completing at least 24 hours of relevant college coursework (as determined by transcript review); or by passing the appropriate Colorado State Board of Education-approved content exam. Please see the chart below for specifics pertaining to each endorsement area. Additional information and worksheets (if required for application) for individual content areas can be found via the hyperlinks. Please note that these are not the applications. To apply, click the button at the bottom of the page.

For a list of the state-approved programs offered at Colorado colleges and universities, please see Approved Educator Preparation Programs.



The Following is a list of Endorsement Worksheets for Teaching Licenses

Content/Endorsement Area Worksheet (if available)

Approved Program


Content Exam

American Sign Language (available by degree only)x  
Agriculture & Renewable Natural Resource Educationxxx
Business/Marketing Educationxxx
Chinese (available by degree and approved program only)x  

Culturally & Linguistically Diverse ** (No Content Exam Available)


Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Bilingual (K12)**

Dance (available by degree and approved program only)x  
Early Childhood Educationxxx
Early Childhood Special Education (Birth-8)x  

Early Childhood Special Education Specialist (Birth-8)

Elementary Education  (Elementary Education Content Exam Required)x x
English Language Artsxxx
Family & Consumer Studiesxxx
Gifted and Talented Specialistxxx
Health Educationxxx

Instructional Technology Teacher with Instructions and corresponding Worksheet and Work Experience Worksheet

Instructional Technology Specialist**x  

Linguistically Diverse Education

For students enrolled through Fall 2012 only.

Linguistically Diverse Education-Bilingual

For students enrolled through Fall 2012 only.
Marketing Educationxxx
Native American Language and Culture (Adjunct Instructor Authorization)x  
Physical Educationxxx
Reading Teacher**x  
Reading Specialist**x  
School Librarianxxx
Social Studiesxxx

Special Education Generalist and corresponding Worksheet  (Elementary Education Content Exam May be Required)

Special Education Specialist (ages 5-21)**x  

Special Education Specialist: Visually Impaired (Birth-21)


Special Education Specialist: Deaf/Hard of Hearing (Birth-21)

Teacher Librarian (K12)**x  
Technology Education (Industrial Arts)xxx
Trade and Industrial Educationxxx

* Types of credit that may be accepted: college/university; Dantes exams (; CLEP exams (; relevant work experience; school/district in-service; and professional development workshops. A maximum of six semester hours of credit may be granted and applied toward the 24 semester hour-requirement for professional development activities. A detailed account of these activities must be submitted with the added endorsement application in order to be considered.

** This endorsement cannot be issued as a standalone endorsement. It can only be added to an existing valid license.

Endorsements for Special Services Provider Licenses

Content/Endorsement Area

Approved Program


Content Exam

School Audiologist (SSP Only)x  
School Counselor (SSP Only)x  
School Nurse (SSP Only)x  
School Occupational Therapist (SSP Only)x  

School Orientation/Mobility Specialist

(SSP only)

School Physical Therapist (SSP Only)x  
School Psychologist (SSP Only)x  
School Social Worker (SSP Only)x  

School Speech Language Pathologist

(SSP Only)



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