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Content Review Resources: (IHE - Traditional Preparation Programs)

Note: Matrix Rules are from the Rules for the Administration of the Educator Licensing Act of 1991

The two Literacy Content Review Rubrics and Checklists are located in the third column of this table under Evaluation Matrix (Rule): Literacy #1 and Literacy #2. They have been reformatted to have a uniform style, and match the other Content Review forms; the content remains unchanged.

License / EndorsementSample DocumentsEvaluation Matrix (Rule)
Agriculture Agriculture (8.03)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Art Art (R-8.04)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Business and Marketing Education Business and Marketing (8.05)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Business Education Business and Marketing (8.05)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (CLD)Literacy SyllabusLiteracy #1 (R-5.01)
CLD (R-8.22)
CLD: Bilingual EducationLiteracy Syllabus CLD (R-8.23)
Director of Special Education Director of Special Education (10.05)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Drama Drama (R-8.07)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Early Childhood EducationLiteracy SyllabusLiteracy #1 (R-5.01)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
ECE (R-8.01)
Early Childhood Special EducationLiteracy SyllabusLiteracy #1 (R-5.01)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
EC-SPED (R-9.08)
Early Childhood Special Education SpecialistLiteracy SyllabusLiteracy #1 (R-5.01)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
EC-SPED SP(R-9.04)
Elementary EducationLiteracy SyllabusLiteracy #1 (R-5.01)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
English / Language ArtsLiteracy SyllabusEnglish/Language Arts (8.09)
Literacy #2 (R-5.01)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Family and Consumer Studies Family and Consumer Studies (8.12)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Foreign Language Foriegn Language (R-8.16)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Gifted and Talented Specialist Gifted (R-9.05)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Instructional Technologist Specialist PBSCT (R-5.00)
Instructional Technologist Teacher PBSCT (R-5.00)
IT Teacher (R-8.08)
Marketing Education  
Mathematics Math (R-8.14)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Music Music (R-8.15)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Physical Education Physical Education (R-8.16)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Principal License Principal (R-6.01)
Reading Specialist Reading Specialist (R-10.04)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Reading Teacher Reading Teacher (R-10.03)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
School Audiologist School Audiologist (R-11.01)
School Counselor School Counselor (R-11.09)
School Librarian School Librarian(R-10.02)
School Nurse School Nurse (R-11.05)
School Occupational Therapist School Occupational Therapist (R-11.02)
School Orientation and Mobility Specialist School Orientation and Mobility Specialist (R-11.03)
School Physical Therapist School Physical Therapist
School Psychologist School Psychologist (R-11.06)
School Social Worker School Social Worker (R-11.07)
School Speech / Language Pathologist School SLP (R-11.08)
Science Science (R-8.17)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Social Studies Social Studies (R-8.18)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Special Education Generalist Literacy #1 (R-5.01)
SPED Generalist (R-9.06)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Special Education Specialist PBSCT (R-5.00)
SPED Specialist (R-9.01)
Special Education Specialist: Deaf/Hard of Hearing PBSCT (R-5.00)
Special Education Specialist: Visually Impaired PBSCT (R-5.00)
SPED-VI (R-9.02)
Speech Speech (8.19)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Teacher Librarian PBSCT (R-5.00)
School Librarian (R-10.02)
Technology Education Technology Education (8.13)
PBSCT (R-5.00)
Trade and Industrial Education Trade and Industry Education(8.21)
PBSCT (R-5.00)

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