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Other CSL Videos

  • Bridging the Digital Divide in the Spanish Speaking Community
    This video looks at how various public libraries are reaching across cultural barriers to Colorado's diverse Spanish-speaking community. With practical, working strategies and outreach ideas, examples include services, programs and classes, as well as partnerships.
  • Colorado Public Library Standards - Video Overviews
    The new Colorado Public Library Standards have an added element – short videos that give overviews of the Standards. These videos highlight best practices around Colorado and are delivered from staff from all 4 corners. The Standards are a great planning tool that help you create your own unique and local vision.
  • Out for Life: How Your Library Can Help
    This 8 1/2 minute video was produced in DVD format for offenders. Offenders learn about ways in which their prison library resources and librarian can help them plan for release. The video also talks about all of the ways in which libraries in the community can continue to assist post-release.
    • Residents of Colorado may use Interlibrary Loan to borrow a copy of the DVD
    • View online in Spanish
  • Your School's Team Deserves a Star Player
    This DVD highlights the many roles of the Teacher Librarian in today's ever-changing school environment. Use it to start conversations about your library program. Consider how your school library rates against the DVD's topics; what are your library's strengths and areas for progress, and what can integrate your library further into instruction.

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