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What does the Public Library Senior Consultant do?

The Library Law at Section 24-90-101 et seq. provides that the state librar[y] has the following powers and duties with respect to other publicly-supported libraries throughout the state (see 24-90-105(2), C.R.S.):

(a)“To further library development and to provide for the supplying of consultative assistance and information to all types of publicly-supported libraries in the state through field visits, conferences, institutes, correspondence, statistrical information, publications, and electronic media; and to do any and all things that may reasonably be expected to promote and advance library services…

(a.3) to develop and promulgate service standards for…public…libraries to guide the development and improvement of such libraries…

(e) to cooperate with local legislative bodies, library boards, library advisory committees, appropriate professional associations, and other groups in the development and improvement of libraries throughout the state.”


Accordingly, the Senior Consultant for Public Libraries and Community Development provides support to public libraries and communities in a number of areas:

GOVERNANCE AND LEGAL.  Although I am not in a legal position, my 15 years of experience as a local government and library attorney is helpful in my State Library work.  Feel free to use me as your "first stop" for governance, policy development and legal questions.  If I do not know the answer, I know who does and can point you to the right people and resources. 

INTRA- AND INTERGOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS AND PLANNING.  I also offer meeting facilitation services to library boards/staff, community groups and local governments, and strategic and action planning assistance to library boards.  To schedule a strategic planning consultation or other meeting facilitation, please contact me directly.

A big part of my job is also to promote Colorado libraries to non-library people.  You will see me at meetings of civic and business leaders.  My background in municipal planning provides context for downtown economic development and joint library-city-county and commercial projects in urban, suburban and rural areas.

LIBRARY DISTRICT FORMATION. I've formed and counseled numerous library districts throughout the State and can help guide cities, counties and grassroots groups through the process. I was also the principal drafter on changes to the Library Law in 2009 and testified at the State legislature on the new provisions. My assistance includes consultation on ballot language with input from public finance professionals. I can also help get the "ballot ball rolling" if your existing library is considering a mill levy increase.

LIBRARY DISTRICT BOARD RECRUITMENT AND APPOINTMENTS.  There is a statutory process for filling library district board vacancies, but local rules/by-laws apply. Please contact me with any questions regarding this topic.

ONGOING LIBRARY SUPPORT.   I provide CLiC- and CAL-endorsed board training regionally on a quarterly basis, and to individual libraries and organizations (upon request), as well as coordinate the regular New Library Director's Forum.  This includes a range of leadership topics, including strategic planning, capital projects/library renovations and financing, standards and meeting facilitation, all of which the State Library can assist in providing and/or offering additional resources.


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