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Steps in Building a Successful Partnership

  1. Define mission, goals and objectives.
    1. What is the coalition trying to accomplish by coming together?
    2. Translate the individual goals and objectives of each organization into a mission for the partnership.
  2. Identify supporters and stakeholders.
    1. Who will benefit from this partnership?
    2. Think about including those who could be adversarial if not included in the process.
    3. Strategize how to balance and control diverse groups
  3. Create a structure.
    1. Identify the roles needed for the coalition to function.
    2. Assign responsibilities within all parties.
    3. Set up a coordinating function to hold the group together and manage communications.
    4. Develop shared solutions as problems arise.
    5. Be flexible.
  4. Determine expectations.
    1. Start with outcome measures.
    2. Obtain consensus on the data elements.
    3. Collect a baseline before starting, e.g. how many people are already receiving this service?
  5. Create a communications network.
    1. Develop a common language; don’t let semantics become a problem.
    2. Communicate openly and frequently with all partners.
    3. Identify a person to effect all internal coalition communication.
    4. Specify a single spokesperson for all public communication.
  6. Develop a message.
    1. Keep the message simple and relevant.
    2. Craft a message that works with your local community.
    3. Repeat the message over and over again.

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