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Colorado Computer Centers: Bridging Colorado's Digital Divide

Through a $3.3M, two year project that began in spring 2011, the Colorado State Library is overseeing the installation of 88 new and enhanced Public Computer Centers (PCCs) throughout Colorado. These PCCs provide internet access and computer training to foster broadband adoption. In 2012, the Library Research Service surveyed more than 7,300 PCC users to determine the impacts the PCCs are having on their lives.

Selected Comments from Open Lab Users:

  • “Probably the most valuable resource, dollar for dollar, available to community. I have found jobs… researched…located tax information, and have done school work over the years. Thank you !!”

  • “Accessibility to a computer is essential, in today’s world. When you are denied that, due to circumstances, etc., you can feel, and in many ways are, cut off from the world. I am grateful to the [library], for this service.”

  • “The access to the internet afforded by the public library is most probably the only reason that I am not absolutely bereft of any and all computer skills. Were it not for this access, as well as the assistance rendered via the classes offered; I would most likely be unemployed, if not unemployable...”

  • “At this center I am able to do all kinds of things for our business I file my sales taxes check our bank accounts and I recently applied for a loan and did all the paperwork here. It also allowed me to keep in touch with my family through email and facebook and I also pay my bills I am very thankful to have this great resource available.”

  • “This computer center is very helpful. I was able to renew my license online and look for health information. Thank you.”

  • “Safe & good place to meet new and old members of the community. Also helpful to have employees around to help those of us who aren’t technologically up to date. Thank you!”

  • “The computers here are a valuable community asset, we have no local TV/radio stations, limited cable/internet services to our homes and would be at a great loss without our library computers!”

  • “My son and I both need to use a computer for school assignments. We can’t afford to get a computer at this time.”

Selected Comments from Computer Class Attendees:

  • “I received a promotion at work thanks to instructor and my computer skills I am learning.”

  • “New adventures have opened up to me now. Friends and family are easier to reach and the information available is amazing. I started late on computers (2011) and this class has helped greatly.”

  • “I am excited to use these new skills to check out books on my e-reader and on my i-pod. I have not been able to figure all of this out on my own.”

  • “The skills I learned today will help with my current job and any future ones. I can use these same skills at home. Thank you for the opportunity.”

  • “I am currently seeking a job as an Admin. Asst. or Exec. Asst. I need to use Power Point, so now I have a good intro.”

  • “I am excited to use these new skills to check out books on my e-reader and on my i-pod. I have not been able to figure all of this out on my own.”

For additional information contact Sharon Morris, Director of Library Development, 303-866-6730.

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