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Bridging Colorado's Digital Divide (BTOP)

Public Computer Centers in Colorado Libraries

"Probably the most valuable resource, dollar for dollar, available to the community. I have found jobs... researched... located tax information, and have done school work over the years. Thank you!!"

In 2010, the Colorado State Library received federal stimulus money and matching funds from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to install or upgrade Public Computer Centers in libraries and community centers throughout the state. Local libraries provided 10% match, purchased equipment, offered public training, and promoted broadband adoption and digital literacy.

The grant was completed early and the final numbers for two years are significantly higher than projected in the initial application.

  • Installed or upgraded 88 public computer centers in Colorado – 16% more centers than projected
  • Purchased 26% more computers than projected – in total over 1,500 desktops, laptops, tablets, and assistive tech machines
  • Had 28% more uses of the computers – in total over 3.46 million computer uses
  • The centers offered training to over 400,000 resident learners including 383,935 individual tutoring sessions and nearly 5,000 formal classes to 31,873 attendees. Surpassing the goal of 10,000 computer trainings projected in the grant application.
Grant Reports

For additional information contact Sharon Morris, Director of Library Development, 303-866-6730.