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Lesson Plan Ideas

These lesson plans were submitted by librarians at Power Library (now Highly Effective) schools. To share your own lesson plans, please email Becky Russell.

2nd Grade

Digital Storytelling
Submitted by Claudia Pierce, Scott Elementary

Digital Storytelling uses electronic devices to tell the story. There are all kinds of benefits to digital storytelling, including increased reading comprehension, enhanced logical reasoning skills, and a greater understanding of the creative process. Although the process may be somewhat new, the bottom line is this: technology is always secondary to the ancient art of storytelling.

Lesson plan (DOC)
Rubric (DOC)

Insect Unit
Submitted by Nadine Abrahams, Westview Elementary

Students create a digital story using Photostory showcasing their insect research. Students turn their research into a first person narrative as if they are the insect talking about their life. KidPix is used to draw picture of insect lifecycle.

Insect digital stories

5th Grade

State Research (Social Studies)
Submitted by Tim Adkison, Helen Keller Elementary

Students will do traditional research about the 50 states and produce a brochure with facts and information as well as two different writing pieces, one descriptive and one persuasive. Each student will also choose places in that state he or she would like to visit. Then, given a limited budget, he or she will plan a trip to visit some of those sites with a rationale for which sites are chosen and which are left out.

Lesson plan (DOC)
Brochure template (DOC)

7th Grade

Animoto Project: Immune System/Disease (Science)
Submitted by Tasha Tolbert, Ft. Lupton Middle

Students will research a particular disease/condition and how it affects human life in the present and future. They will present their information in an Animoto video. Covers Science Content standards and standards from Language Arts/Reading, Social Studies & technology.

Lesson plan (DOC)
Research questions (DOC)
Using the database (ISF)

High School

Biography Glogster (Language Arts)
Submitted by Lyda Hardy, Gunnison High

Advanced freshmen language arts students will make a Glogster on a biographical topic. Glogster presentations are more dynamic, including sound, video, and animation. Can do "speed glogging," where students each pull up their glog on a computer in the lab and then play musical chairs, with everyone reviewing the glog in front of them and after a time limit, moving on to the next chair. An evaluation form for each glog or having students email or leave comments would be effective after the lesson.

Lesson plan (DOC)

Research Projects Instructional Unit
Submitted by Marie Bernard, Weld Central High

These 12 lessons can be used in all or in part. Many times a Teacher Librarian is collaborating with the teacher. Be sure to read the comments on the last page of each lesson.

Lesson summary (DOC)
Lesson plan 1 (DOC)
Lesson plan 2 (DOC)
Lesson plan 3 (DOC)
Lesson plan 4 (DOC)
Lesson plan 5 (DOC)
Lesson plan 6 (DOC)
Lesson plan 7 (DOC)
Lesson plan 8 (DOC)
Lesson plan 9 (DOC)
Lesson plan 10 (DOC)
Lesson plan 11 (DOC)
Lesson plan 12 (DOC)

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