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Golden Rules for Trustees

  • Leave the actual management of the library to the library director.

  • It is the director's responsibility to employ and supervise the staff, select books and other materials, supervise day-to-day operations, apply policies, and oversee procedures.

  • After a policy or rule is adopted by the majority vote of the library board, do not criticize or re-voice your opposition publicly.

  • Respect confidential information. Until officially released, do not divulge information regarding future board actions or plans.

  • Observe publicity and information policies of the board and library. Speak as member of the board, but refer questions about policies to the library director or appropriate library representative.

  • Observe ethical standards with absolute truth, integrity, and honor, and disqualify yourself immediately whenever the appearance of a conflict of interest exists.

  • All actions by the board must be approved by a quorum of the board at a regular meeting.

  • Do not hold board meetings without the library director.

  • Complaints from the public and staff are the library director's responsibility. Continued dissatisfaction and problems should be taken up at the board meeting only if policy revision is necessary or legal ramifications are involved.

  • Assume your full responsibility as a board member. If you are unable to attend meetings regularly and complete work delegated to you, resign so that an active member can be appointed.

Adapted from the Virginia Public Library Trustee Handbook

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