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CLC: How Library Patrons Participate

How Library Patrons Participate - Frequently Asked Questions

The CLC program is free, convenient and your key to expanded information access.

What is Colorado Libraries Collaborate! (CLC)?

Colorado Libraries Collaborate! is a program that allows Colorado library cardholders to check out materials from any participating library in the state. For example, if you have a library card from Durango Public Library it enables you to visit the Fort Lewis College Library and check out materials. The CLC Program has been widely adopted by libraries in Colorado. As of September 1, 2002, 100% of public libraries, 99% of school districts, and 63% of academic libraries participate, as well as a number of special libraries.

Do I need to get a physical card to take advantage of it?

No. Simply take your library card from a participating library (i.e. the library that provides service for the area in which you live, or your school or college) with you to another participating library. That library will use that card to provide service for you -- either by issuing you one of its cards or by putting an additional barcode on your existing library card.

What will I need to take with me when I go to another library to check out materials?

Take your current library card with you. If possible call the library you plan to use and ask what their identification requirements are for CLC borrowers. Some libraries require a driver’s license or, in the case of a minor, the signature of a parent or guardian.

How do I find out which libraries participate?

Check the CLC Participant List or use the online Directory of Colorado Libraries to locate the individual library and look for “CLCP: Colorado Library Card Participant” under the main entry.

What do I do if the person at the checkout desk doesn’t know about CLC even though the library supposedly participates?

Ask the person to check with a supervisor, or let the staff person know about the CLC website.

How many things can I check out? How long can I use them?

You will need to follow the policies of the library where you are checking things out, so the number of items you can check out and the length of time you can use them will vary from library to library.

Where do I return the materials I check out? Do I have to go back to the library where I borrowed them?

You may return materials to any Colorado library participating in CLC. However, the items are checked out to you until they physically reach the library where the material was borrowed. You may wish to return items early to avoid overdue fines.

What happens if I lose something I checked out from another library or return it late?

When you check materials out from a library, you agree to follow their policies. If you lose something, you will need to repay library replacement costs. If you return it late, you will be responsible for paying any overdue fines that have accrued to the borrowing library.

Why was the Colorado Libraries Collaborate! program started?

Librarians in Colorado believe that it is important to serve all state residents, and that residents should have the broadest possible access to resources. No one library can buy everything that is needed by residents in the area. This program makes the most cost effective use of tax dollars to purchase materials and make them available to you.

May I access the library's electronic database resources that are subscribed to through a vendor?

Most vendor contracts restrict usage of their electronic content to a defined library population. Typically, CLC borrowers are allowed access to databases from library computers but are not permitted access from outside the library.

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