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Small Rural District Crosswalk

Based on Federal statute, beginning with Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Financial December Pipeline data, all school districts are required to report expenditures at the unique schools in the district. 

  • These crosswalks are intended to be a starting point for you to populate your data file with the four digit school codes assigned to your district
    • The crosswalks in many instances are high level analysis, requiring your review, and you are required to populate your data accurately
  • There are edits which require expenditures at each unique school within the district
  • Districts that have combination schools (EG Middle and High School in the same building):
    • If a unique four digit code has been assigned to both the middle school and high school, you are required to use both codes, and tie expenditures to the two school codes
    • If only one school code is assigned, then you are only required to use that one code
  • Click here for a list of all school codes assigned to the districts