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HB1292 Sub Committee Meetings

Updates and Communication

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House Bill 14-1292


Meeting I - August 5, 2014

Meeting II - September 5, 2014

Meeting III - September 25, 2014

Meeting IV - October 15, 2014

Meeting V - December 08, 2014

Meeting VI - February 10, 2015


Meeting Participants

Gina French                        Adams 12

Terry Buswell                     Centennial BOCES

Kristine Githara               Cherry Creek 5

Steven Clawson                Denver 1

Joanne Vergunst              Fountain 8

Kathleen Askelson           Jefferson County R-1

Donna Villamor                 Littleton 6

Tracy John                           Peyton 23JT

Jane Frederick                   St. Vrain Valley Re-1J

Terry Kimber                       Widefield 3

Melodie Beck                      OSPB Representative


Adam Williams                   Colorado Department of Education

Scott Lee                               Colorado Department of Education

Leanne Emm                       Colorado Department of Education: Optional

Jennifer Okes                      Colorado Department of Education: Optional

Marcia Bohannon             Colorado Department of Education: Optional