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BEST Financial Information

The BEST Program is committed to maintaining financial transparency on all levels. You can find the BEST Legislative Reports by fiscal year, the current BEST Revenue & Expense Report, various financial charts and graphs, and the BEST Offering Statements all listed below.

BEST Legislative Reports

BEST FY2012-13 Legislative Report

BEST FY2011-12 Legislative Report

BEST FY2010-11 Legislative Report

BEST FY2009-10 Legislative Report

BEST FY2008-09 Legislative Report

BEST Revenue & Expense Report and Financial Charts

BEST Revenues & Expenses - Financial Position (as of  June 30, 2014)

BEST Revenue Sources by Year

Combined BEST Revenues (2008 to present)

BEST Cash Grant Construction Payments by Year

BEST Financed Projects Construction in Progress Payments by Year

BEST Construction in Progress Payments by Grant Type

BEST Offering Statements

Series 2013I - (12/09/2013)

Series 2012H - (12/06/2012)

Series 2011G - (12/08/2011)

Series 2010D-F - (12/16/2010)

Series 2010B&C - (03/16/2010)

Series 2009A - (08/12/2009)

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