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2015 Legislative Assessment & Accountability Changes

2015 Legislative Assessment & Accountability Changes

Summary and Next Steps for Implementing H.B. 15-1323, Concerning Assessments in Public Schools and S.B. 15-56, Concerning Reducing the Frequency of Social Studies Testing

Overview of Legislative Changes

Collectively, H.B. 15-1323 and S.B. 15-56:

  • Eliminate 11th grade PARCC-developed English language arts and math state assessments;
  • Replace the 10th grade PARCC assessments with an assessment that is aligned to both the Colorado Academic Standards and the 11th grade college entrance exam (note, both the 10th grade and 11th grade exam will require a competitive procurement that will occur this summer – until that process is complete, we will not know the assessment that will be chosen to fulfill this requirement
  • Retain science state assessments, once per level (elementary, middle, and high school with no 12th grade testing);
  • Retain social studies assessments, once per level (elementary, middle, and high school with no 12th grade testing), but reduce frequency of assessment by using a sampling method such that each school is assessed once every three years (unless the district/school requests more frequent assessment);
  • Require districts to adopt policies allowing parents to excuse their students from participating in state assessments;
  • Allow districts to request paper/pencil format of online state assessments; Allow for more flexibility in testing English learners in their native language;
  • Eliminate redundancies between the READ Act and school readiness assessment requirements;
  • Clarify the use of state assessments in educator effectiveness evaluations;
  • Implement the 2014-15 accreditation ratings and school plan types during the 2015-16 school year (new 2015 district accreditation ratings and school plan types will not be assigned and the accountability clock will pause and will not advance a year on July 1, 2016); and
  • Create a program through which locally created or selected assessments may be piloted for potential use in the state assessment system.

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