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CDE Events - State School of Character Awards Event

June 15, 2010

This afternoon I attended the State Schools of Character Awards Event held by the Foundation for Character Development. The event honored five Colorado schools for their outstanding efforts in integrating character development best practices into the fabric of their schools.

The event was held at the Old Supreme Court Chambers in the state capitol. The five schools receiving recognition for their accomplishments are:

  • Eagle Rock School, a private school in Estes Park

  • KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy, Denver Public Schools

  • Peak to Peak Charter School, Boulder Valley School District

  • Rocky Heights Middle School, Douglas County Schools

  • Russell Middle School, Colorado Springs School District 11

Jim Olmstead, director of strategic partnerships for The Foundation for Character Development welcomed everyone to the event spoke a little bit about what it means to be a school of character. He said, "At these five schools, there is a connection between the focus on character and applied skills. There is also a trust between parents and teachers."

Eagle Rock students live in respectable harmony and work on service projects to assist the Estes Valley.

KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy is a college-prep middle school that integrates character development into everything they do.

Peak to Peak Charter School sets school wide goals and promising practices. Students hold each other accountable and call each other out on unacceptable behavior.

Administrators from Rocky Heights Middle School and superhero "Night Hawk Man" talk about "ROK" and how "respect it, own it and be kind" has changed the way students interact at Rocky Heights.

Russell Middle School equips students with core values, class and integrity. With a data-driven focus they've been able to dramatically reduce behavior referrals and increase their CSAP composite scores.

Congratulations to these incredible schools and the work they do through comprehensive and effective modeling and practice. Thanks also to the Foundation for Character Development for their displayed commitment to positive character outcomes.

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