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Charter School Technical Assistance Events

Page numbers have been cited from the 2014-2015 CCSP Guidebook where a more detailed description of each event can be found. Register for events by using the event registration link.

Charter School Boot Camp

A two-day training designed to help planning teams, in both early and late state planning, get a clear picture of the realities of opening and operating a school. (p. 24 in the Guidebook)

CCSP Start-Up Grant Writers' Boot Camp

A required training for Start-up Grant applicants that takes place 6-8 weeks before the grant application is due.  (p. 24 in the Guidebook)

Start-Up Grant Post-Award Webinar

A required webinar training for successful grant applicants in which financial mechanics of grant reimbursement, budgeting, and technical assistance requirements are reviewed.  (p. 25 in the Guidebook)

Implementation Grant Writers' Webinar

A required webinar training for Implementation Grant applicants in the Summer of Fall immediately following their Start-Up (Year 1) Grant.  (p. 25 in the Guidebook)

CSSI Introduction Webinar

This online training is designed to provide CCSP Grant recipient schools with an introduction to the Charter School Support Initiative (CSSI) process and the 3-day site visit & review that is conducted in Year 3 of the CCSP Grant. It is recommended that school leaders, business managers, and board members consider attending so that they can begin to prepare their school for the CCSI process. The event is open to any who would like to participate, but is especially recommended for schools in Year 3 of the CCSP Grant.  (p. 26 in the Guidebook)

Board Fundamentals (formerly Regional Board Training)

A training offered twice a year in collaboration with the Colorado League of Charter Schools to support board members in providing a sound introduction to board practice and responsibilities, a refresher to continuing board members in board leadership roles, and to introduce school leaders to general charter school governing board practices and responsibilities.  (p. 26 in the Guidebook)

Board Continuing Development (formerly Board Presidents' Council)

A training provided four times a year (two hosted in the Denver Metro area and two via webinar) to support board members' knowledge of best practice and evolving policy changes.  (p. 27 in the Guidebook)

Administrator Mentoring Cohort (AMC)

A mentoring program that meets six times a year, geared toward new administrators or experienced administrators that are new to the charter school environment (though administrators outside these categories are welcome). Administrators will work as a cohort team, work one-on-one with a mentor, and participate in site observations as they build leadership capacity among new charter school administrators. The AMC is also fully accredited as a charter school principal induction program where charter school leaders with their initial principal license can be recommended for professional licensure.  (p. 29 in the Guidebook)

Regional Luncheons

Six luncheons will be offered throughout the 2014-2015 school year. Charter schools will host the luncheon at a restaurant near their school, followed by an optional tour of the school. These luncheons are an opportunity for school leaders, administrators, employees, and board members to network and broaden their knowledge, skills and resources.  (p. 31 in the Guidebook)

Annual Finance Seminar

Held in the fall of each year, this training is designed to give business managers, school leaders and board members an opportunity to get up to date with changes in policy or innovations in the field of operations and finance management (required for all CCSP Grant recipients).  (p. 32 in the Guidebook)

Business Manager Network Meetings

These meetings are hosted jointly by the SOC Unit and the Colorado League of Charter Schools and occur bi-monthly on Fridays during the school year. Each meeting includes the Business manager 101 course for those with less than three years' experience, networking and troubleshooting for more experienced managers, and Responsive and Technical Expert presentations on key issues of relevance to all business managers.  (p. 32 in the Guidebook)

Western Slope Seminar

A training designed to address a variety of training needs of charter school instructors, leaders, business managers, and board members.  (p. 33 in the Guidebook)

Authorizers' Meeting

A training offered four times a year at various locations across the state, designed to highlight best practices and developing and reviewing tools for charter oversight.  (p. 33 in the Guidebook)

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