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Powers and Duties

The Colorado State Board of Education is the governing board of the Colorado Department of Education. Within its jurisdiction, the State Board:

  1. Provides educational leadership for the state;
  2. Appoints the Commissioner of Education and the Director of State Board Relations;
  3. Employs personnel of the Department of Education;
  4. Approves the Department of Education budget;
  5. Makes rules, regulations, and policies that govern the Colorado Department of Education, public education including pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, adult education, and public libraries;
  6. Accredits public school districts;
  7. Facilitates the provision of library services to the citizens of Colorado through the State Library;
  8. Distributes federal and state funds;
  9. Regulates educator licensing;
  10. Supervises adult basic education and public libraries;
  11. Appoints advisory committees;
  12. Grants waivers of Colorado education law and regulations;
  13. Exercises judicial authority with regard to appeals by charter schools; and
  14. Submits recommendations for educational improvements to the General Assembly and Governor


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