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Adopted Resolution - Archives
October 3, 2002 In Support of the Colorado Family Literacy Education Fund
August 14, 2002 Equal Access to Online Education
April 11, 2002 Commemoration of the Day of the Child
February 7, 2002 Recognizing Arvada High School
November 8, 2001 Preserving Colorado School Trust Lands
July 12, 2001 Concerning the Display of Freedom Documents Relating to our American Democratic Heritage
March 11, 2004 Student Engagement
January 30, 2001 Amendment 23: What Is To Be Done
February 7, 2001 Resolution Recognizing Arvada High School
November 6, 2001 A Resolution Preserving Colorado School Trust Lands
December 14, 2000 Commitment to a Strong Academic Education
November 9, 2000 Resolution to Support Liberty Day and Liberty Month in Colorado
July 6, 2000 Resolution to Encourage the Public Display of the National Motto In God We Trust
April 13, 2000 Resolution on Protection of Family and Pupil Education and Privacy Rights
April 13, 2000 Resolution Declaring May 1-5, 2000 Colorado Charter School Week
November 11, 1999 Resolution Promoting the Use of Academic Solutions to Resolve Problems with Behavior, Attention, and Learning
May 13, 1999 Colorado State Board of Education on the Columbine Tragedy
April 9, 1998 Resolution to Initiate Colorado Character Education Day; Re-Adopted October 7, 1999


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