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Board Member Profiles - Paul Lundeen

Paul Lundeen (R)

5th Congressional District, Colorado Springs
Terms of Office: January 2011 – January 2017


5th Congressional District, Colorado Springs.

Paul Lundeen is chairman of the Colorado State Board of Education. His Board constituency is the state's Fifth Congressional District.

Paul Lundeen is a life-long learner. He understands that few pursuits are more important than continual growth through learning. Lundeen vigorously argues that developing the skills to learn well, early in life, is fundamental to success in every aspect of later life.

Lundeen has applied his passion for learning to a varied career that is most easily described as a value-creating entrepreneur. He has built success in journalism, public policy and business.

He wrapped up his broadcasting career as a Washington correspondent, with credentials to the White House, working for a broadcast group that owned a chain of radio and television stations sprawled across the western United States.

Lundeen's political experiences include consulting on a number of state senate races in Nebraska, working as a chief of staff to a State Senator and managing the gubernatorial campaign of the individual who was recently the speaker of the Nebraska Senate. He has been a precinct leader in Colorado since 2000 and has served as an El Paso county and state central committee member.

In business, Lundeen has built, with the help of great teams, businesses in Colorado and California providing services ranging from cognitive training learning centers to real estate development to golf course association landscape management, tree farming, and investment management. Lundeen is the founder of Registered Investment Advisory that provides wealth management services to clients across the country and has worked as a wealth advisor since 2001.

Paul and his wife of 27 years, Connie, have two adult children. Paul and Connie have enjoyed the hard work and joy of engaging as active parents (school accountability committees and parent teacher organizations) as their children learned in public, private and charter schools.

Lundeen is a graduate of New York University where he studied journalism and economics.

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