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Work Session - 4/9/2008

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SBE Work Session April 9, 2008 - 4/9/2008 9:00:00 AM
Colorado Department of Education
201 E. Colfax Ave. Room 101
Denver, CO 80203

Pamela Jo Suckla, Chairman, 3rd Congressional District

Bob Schaffer, Vice-Chairman, 4th Congressional District

Elaine Gantz Berman, 1st Congressional District

Randy DeHoff, 6th Congressional District

Evie Hudak, 2nd Congressional District

Peggy Littleton, 5th Congressional District

Jane Goff, 7th Congressional District

Dwight Jones, Commissioner & Secretary to the

State Board of Education

Mary Frances Nevans, Director of State Board Relations

Attendees - voting members
Pamela Jo Suckla Chair, 3rd Congressional District
Bob Schaffer Vice-Chair, 4th Congressional District
Elaine Gantz Berman 1st Congressional District
Randy G DeHoff 6th Congressional District
Evie Hudak 2nd Congressional District
Peggy Littleton 5th Congressional District
  1. 9:00 Welcome

    Chairwoman Suckla began the meeting with a statement responding to recent press that the SBE held a "secret" meeting or meetings in violation of the open meetings law (also known as the "Sunshine Law"). She explained that these meetings were executive sessions and that the meetings followed Colorado law permitting the SBE to confer with counsel in an ongoing lawsuit. The SBE's executive session on March 5 followed the court's denial of the SBE's request to be dismissed from the lawsuit. The SBE convened an executive session on March 5 to discuss with the attorneys what should be the next steps in litigation. Because of the high visibility of the lawsuit and the public interest in the SBE's decision about the ongoing suit, the statement read into the record during the March 6 meeting provided information about the Board's decision to defend the suit on the merits. Suckla said that it is not appropriate for Board members to disclose confidential information from an executive session. She said that although individual SBE members have chosen to express their views about the SBE's collective decision regarding this lawsuit, an individual Board member may not waive attorney-client privilege without the entire Board's approval.

    Chairman Suckla also mentioned that Board Member Jane Goff, who was appointed to the State Board on March 5, 2008, was out of the country on a trip scheduled prior to her appointment.

  2. SBE Reports

  3. 9:25 CDE Reports

    1. Communications Office Report

    2. SBE Office Report

    3. Presentation on Report of Financial Analysis by WestEd

  4. 10:15 Morning break

  5. 10:30 CDE Reports

    1. Recommended Changes to the SAR

      Because of bills passed last year, CDE is working on making changes to the School Accountability Reports (SARs). The most substantive change is in the calculation of the Academic Growth Rating, which will now be based on longitudinal growth according to the rules passed by the SBE last month. Many of the charts and tables on the SAR will change in terms of information presented. The panel "Questions Parents Should Ask" will be replaced with "School Information." The new SARs will be released this December. Board recommended changes to the Non-CSAP Course Offerings and Adequate Yearly Progress sections will be implemented by CDE staff.

    2. Recommendations for the Summer School Grant Program (1 CCR 301-50) 2008 Funded Sites.

      The State Board was asked to review and approve the proposed recommendations for the summer school grant recipients at the Regular Board Meeting on April 10, 2008.

    3. Recommendations to Summer School Funds for Eligible Facilities, Summer 2008

      Summer School Grant Program for Eligible Facilities
      A grant program designed to assist facility schools in providing intensive research-based educational services in the areas of reading, writing, and/or mathematics for children who are performing below grade level in these areas. The summer school program is required to be at least six weeks long and at least 20 hours per week of academic instruction. This is a non-competitive grant. All below grade level students in eligible facilities that applied for the grant were approved for funding. The State Board was asked to approve a list of facilities and the recommended funding level for each at the April 10, 2008 Board meeting.

  6. 11:30 Lunch

    1. Executive Session

      A motion was made by Ms. Gantz Berman and seconded by Ms. Hudak to convene and executive session for the purpose of receiving legal advice from the Board's attorneys.

  7. 1:30 Rulemaking Hearing on the Permanent Rules for the Administration of the Accreditation of School Districts

    Ms. Littleton made a motion to close oral testimony at the conclusion of the public rulemaking hearing, direct recommended changes to the rules based on discussion and comment, and place the revised rules for Administration of the Accreditation of School Districts on the May 15 regular board meeting agenda for board discussion and adoption. The vote was seconded by Mr. DeHoff.

    Motion made by: Peggy Littleton
    Motion seconded by: Randy G DeHoff

    Unanimously Approved

  8. 2:00 Legislation and Budget

    1. Legislation

  9. 2:30 Afternoon Break

  10. 3:00 CDE Reports

  11. 4:30 Issues and Trends

  12. Adjourn



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