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Work Session - 2/13/2008

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SBE Work Session February 13, 2008 - 2/13/2008 9:00:00 AM
Colorado Department of Education
201 E. Colfax Ave. Room 101
Denver, CO 80203


No Attendees
  1. 9:00 Welcome

  2. 9:05 Reports from State Board

    1. Report from SBE Office.

    2. Report from Communications Office.

  3. 10:15 Morning break

  4. 10:30 Reports from CDE Staff

    1. Report by the Fiscal Advisory Committee, HB06-1375 by Dr. Ed Steinberg,Charm Paulmeno and members of the Advisory Committee (25 minutes).

    2. Report from Online Learning Advisory Board: Summary Report by Dr. Jeanette Cornier and Pamela Hoppe-Ice, Director of Online Learning and Michael Poore, Chair of the Advisory Board (10 min.).

    3. Presentation by the Office of Information Technology on North Highland by Karen Mock and Micheline Casey, and Daniel McBride and Renee Lyons of NorthHighlands (25 min.).

  5. 11:30 Lunch

    1. Executive Session 11:30 to 1:00 to discuss legal matters pursuant to § 24-6-402(3)(a)(II), C.R.S.

  6. 1:00 Reports from Colo. Dept. of Education Staff

    1. Update on the Progress of the Graduation Guidelines Council by Jo O'Brien and Nina Lopez (20 min.).

  7. 1:30 Rulemaking Hearing: Rules for Online Programs

    1. Rulemaking Hearing on Promulgation of Permanent Rules for Online Programs.

  8. 2:30 Afternoon Break

  9. 3:00 Reports from Colo. Dept. of Education

    1. National Title I Distinguished Schools 2006-2007 Recognition of Schools for Academic Achievement and Closing the Achievement Gap (Bill Windler, P. Chapman, L. Hensinger)(20 min).

    2. Overview of Parent Grow Network with Jo O'Brien (10 min.)

    3. Update on the Longitudinal Analysis Student Assessment and Future Rulemaking by Dr. Ken Turner and Richard Wenning (20 min.)

    4. Overview of "Forward Thinking" Component on Administration of the Accreditation of School Districts by Dr. Ken Turner and Richard Wenning(45 min).

    5. Legislative Update by Karen Mock and Anne Barkis to Discuss Among Other Issues the Timelines for Standards and Assessment Review and CSAP Attendance Issues.

  10. 4:30 Issues and Trends

    1. Report on NASBE Meeting in Alexandria, VA by Board Members.

    2. Military Compact Resolution by Ms. Littleton.

  11. Archive

    1. HPV Vaccine Resolution: Ms. Littleton

    2. Passing Time Amendments to Rules: Mr. Schaffer

  12. Adjourn



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