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Work Session - 1/9/2008

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January 9, 2008 Work Session - 1/9/2008 9:00:00 AM
Colorado Department of Education - Board Room
201 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80203


Randy DeHoff Colorado State Board of Education
Evie Hudak Colorado State Board of Education
Peggy Littleton Colorado State Board of Education
Pamela Jo Suckla Colorado State Board of Education
Karen Middleton Colorado State Board of Education
Bob Schaffer Colorado State Board of Education
Elaine Gantz Berman Colorado State Board of Education
  1. 9:00 Welcome

  2. 9:05 Reports from State Board

    1. SBE Office Report

    2. Communications Office Update

  3. 9:30 Reports on Legislation and Budget

  4. 10:00 Morning Break

  5. 10:15 Reports from CDE Staff

    1. Update from the Colorado Governor's Technical Advisory Panel for the Longitudinal Analysis of Student Assessment (1 hour 15 min.).

  6. 11:45 Lunch

    1. The State Board will convene an Executive Session to receive legal advice pursuant to 24-6-402(3)(a)(II) C.R.S and to discuss personnel matters pursuant to (3)(b)(I).

  7. 1:30 Charter School Appeal

    1. In Re The Decision of the Board of Education of Ridgway School District R-2, Ouray County, Colorado, to Deny the Charter Application of Owl Creek Community School.

      Affirm that the decision of the local board of education was not contrary to the best interests of the pupils, school district, or community, and to uphold the decision of Ridgway School District R-2.

      Motion made by: Elaine Gantz Berman
      Motion seconded by: Karen Middleton

      Randy DeHoff - Yes
      Evie Hudak - Yes
      Peggy Littleton - Yes
      Pamela Jo Suckla - Yes
      Karen Middleton - Yes
      Bob Schaffer - No
      Elaine Gantz Berman - Yes

  8. 3:00 Afternoon Break

  9. 3:15 Business Reports from CDE

    1. Update on the Colorado Parent Network presented by Jo O'Brien (20 min.)

    2. Overview of CEDAR (Colorado Education Data Analysis and Reporting tool) by Dan Domagala (30 min.)

    3. Data Dictionary Update presented by Keith Glenn (30 min.)

    4. CDE Report on Process of Developing Online Learning Emergency Rules presented by Ken Turner, Jeanette Cornier and Pam Ice (15 min.).

  10. 4:45 Issues and Trends

  11. 5:00 Archive

    1. Archived Matters

  12. 5:00 Adjourn



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