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Work Session - 11/7/2007

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State Board of Education Work Session - 11/7/2007 9:00:00 AM
Colorado Department of Education
201 E. Colfax Ave. Room 101
Denver, CO 80203


No Attendees
  1. 9:00 Welcome

  2. 9:05 Reports from State Board

    1. Update from Board Chair

    2. Reports from Board Members

    3. Update from SBE Office Director Mary Frances Nevans

    4. Update from Director of Communications Mark Stevens

  3. 10:15 Morning break

  4. 10:30 SBE Subcommittee Reports

    1. Subcommittee Report on Code of Ethics

  5. 11:00 Reports from Colo. Dept. of Education Staff

    1. Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)/School Improvement Presented by the Office of Federal Programs (Bill Windler, Pat Chapman, Anita Foxworth and Alyssa Pearson)(25 min.)

    2. The Process for Standards Review presented by the Office of Learning and Results (Ken Turner, Jo O'Brien, Jeanette Cornier)(30 min.)

  6. 12:00 Lunch

  7. 1:00 Business Reports from Colo. Dept. of Education Staff

    1. Update on The Colorado Legacy Foundation (Kelly Leid)(15 min.)

    2. Update on the Douglas County Educator Licensing Waiver presented by Educator Licensing Office (Jami Goetz), and Douglas County Superintendent Mr. Jim Christensen.

    3. Update on "Passing Time" Issue and Possible Rule Amendment presented by School Finance Department (Karen Stroup and Vody Herrmann) with commentary from Douglas County Superintendent Mr. Jim Christensen and Cheyenne Mountain School District 12 Superintendent Mr. Walt Cooper. (30 min.)

    4. Discussion on Timeline for Promulgation of Online Emergency and Permanent Rules (Ken Turner, Pam Hoppe-Ice, Jeanette Cornier)(10 min).

  8. 2:30 Afternoon Break

  9. 3:00 Reports from Colo. Dept. of Education Staff

    1. Legislative Update (Karen Stroup and Anne Barkis)(20 min.)

  10. 4:00 Issues and Trends

    1. National Educational Systems Overview of PLACE Principal Test and the PLACE Linguistically Diverse Test presented by Educator Licensing Office (Jami Goetz) and Mr. Marty Karlin from NES.(20 min)

    2. Presentation by CollegeInColorado.Org by Dawn Taylor Owens, Executive Director. (30 min.)

    3. Report on Dropout Prevention Initiatives (State Board Members K. Middleton and E. Gantz Berman)

    4. Report From the Eligible Facilities Education Task Force (Evie Hudak and Skip Barber)(15 min.)

  11. Archive

    1. 5:00 Adjourn



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