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Work Session - 4/6/2008

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SBE Work Session April 9, 2008 - 4/9/2008 9:00:00 AM
Colorado Department of Education
201 E. Colfax Ave. Room 101
Denver, CO 80203

Pamela Jo Suckla, Chairman, 3rd Congressional District

Bob Schaffer, Vice-Chairman, 4th Congressional District

Elaine Gantz Berman, 1st Congressional District

Randy DeHoff, 6th Congressional District

Evie Hudak, 2nd Congressional District

Peggy Littleton, 5th Congressional District

Jane Goff, 7th Congressional District

Dwight Jones, Commissioner & Secretary to the

State Board of Education

Mary Frances Nevans, Director of State Board Relations

I. 9:00 Welcome

II. SBE Reports

III. 9:25 CDE Reports

1. Communications Office Report

2. SBE Office Report

3. Presentation on Report of Financial Analysis by WestEd

IV. 10:15 Morning break

V. 10:30 CDE Reports

1. Recommended Changes to the SAR

2. Recommendations for the Summer School Grant Program (1 CCR 301-50) 2008 Funded Sites.

3. Recommendations to Summer School Funds for Eligible Facilities, Summer 2008
Summer School Grant Program for Eligible Facilities
A grant program designed to assist facility schools in providing intensive research-based educational services in the areas of reading, writing, and/or mathematics for children who are performing below grade level in these areas.

The summer school program is required to be at least six weeks long and at least 20 hours per week of academic instruction.

This is a non-competitive grant. All below grade level students in eligible facilities that applied for the grant were approved for funding.

Please see the attached list of facilities and the recommended funding level for each.

VI. 11:30 Lunch

1. Executive Session
The State Board of Education will convene an Executive Session at noon to address the following matters: to receive legal advice from the Board's attorneys in accordance with § 24-6-402(3)(a)(II), C.R.S. and to discuss personnel matters in accordance with § 24-6-402(3)(b)(I),C.R.S. This session is closed to the public.

VII. 1:30 Rulemaking Hearing on the Permanent Rules for the Administration of the Accreditation of School Districts
On April 9, 2008, the State Board of Education will hold a rulemaking hearing concerning proposed revised rules for Administration of the Accreditation of School Districts. The Board will be requested to act on the revised rules in May. At that time, the Board will also be asked to approve a 6-month extension of current district accreditation contracts to permit an orderly and effective implementation of the new accreditation process.

· The rules have been revised to (1) include Colorado's Growth Model, (2) include measures of post-secondary readiness, (3) add a new requirement for CDE to provide pre-populated data to districts, and (4) revise accreditation labels.

· The revised rules will allow CDE to implement a streamlined accreditation contract and a more efficient and effective annual review process.

CDE staff will provide a brief PowerPoint presentation summarizing the proposed changes, the proposed rules, and a side-by-side table comparing current rule, proposed changes, and summarized public comment to date.

VIII. 2:00 Legislation and Budget

1. Legislation

IX. 2:30 Afternoon Break

X. 3:00 CDE Reports

XI. 4:30 Issues and Trends
Mr. Schaffer proposed placing the Resolution on the May agenda. After board discussion, it was decided that the Resolution would be discussed during the May State Board retreat on May 16, 2008, when the State Board will discuss budget decisions in depth.

XII. Adjourn

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