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Work Session - 10/3/2007

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SBE Work Session - 10/3/2007 9:00:00 AM
Colorado Department of Education
201 E. Colfax Ave. Room 101
Denver, CO 80203


I. 9:00 Welcome

1. Introductions: New members of CDE: Ms. Pamela Ice, Director of On Line Learning, and Mr. Kelly Leid, Assistant Commissioner of Strategic Partnerships.

II. 9:05 Reports from State Board

1. News from State Board Members

2. Report from State Board Office by M.F.Nevans

3. Report from Communications Office by Mark Stevens

III. 9:30 SBE Subcommittee Reports & Resolutions

1. HPV Vaccine Resolution by Ms. Littleton

2. Draft Code of Ethics Project Update by Ms. Gantz Berman and Mr. Schaffer.

3. Revised SBE Operating Procedures by Mr. Schaffer and M.F. Nevans

IV. 10:00 Morning Break

V. 10:15 Reports from Colo. Dept. of Education Staff

1. Reports from Regional Services by Gerry Difford and Regional Managers (1 hour)

2. On Line Memorandum of Understanding by Ken Turner, Jeanette Cornier and Pam Ice (45 minutes)

VI. 12:00 Lunch

VII. 1:00 Continuing Reports from CDE Staff

1. Annual EDAC Report by Jan Rose Petro and EDAC Committee members (30 minutes)

2. Exceptional Children's Educational Act Rulemaking: An Overview by Ed Steinberg (30 minutes)

3. Update on CDE's Work on English Language Acquisition (ELAU) Relating to the Interstate Migrant Education Council (IMEC) by Dr. Barbara Medina and Ms. Pat Hayes (15 minutes)

VIII. 2:15 Afternoon Break

IX. 2:30 Continuing Reports from CDE Staff

1. CSEAC Report by Ed Steinberg and Members of the CSEAC Committee (20 minutes)

2. Update on "Forward Thinking" Plan by Ken Turner (30 minutes)

3. Overview of "Instructional Time" Issue by Karen Stroup

X. 3:30 Report on Legislation by Karen Stroup and Anne Barkis

XI. 4:45 Issues and Trends

XII. Adjourn

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