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Board Meeting Audio Archives - February 13, 2013

February 13, 2013

2013-02-13 Board Meeting - Pt. 1 (Length: 01:17:13 | Format: MP3 | Size: 26.5 MB)

Includes: Commencement of Meeting, Approval of Agenda, Approval of Consent Agenda, and Rulemaking Hearing: Rules for the Administration of the Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act (READ Act).

2013-02-13 Board Meeting - Pt. 2 (Length: 01:41:24 | Format: MP3 | Size: 34.8 MB)

Includes: "Turnarounds in Colorado" Report by UCD, Recognition of Colorado's Outstanding Educators: 2013 Colorado Teacher of the Year, Vote on Legislative Operating Procedures, and Commissioner's Report: Legislative Update.

2013-02-13 Board Meeting - Pt. 3 (Length: 01:13:16 | Format: MP3 | Size: 21.5 MB)

Includes: Briefing from Senator Mike Johnston, Vote on Rulemaking Hearing: Rules for the Administration of Funding Assistance to Boards of Cooperative Education Services in Implementing and Meeting State Educational Priorities, Commissioner's Report cont.: Legislative Update cont., and Vote on Rulemaking Hearing: To Amend the Rules Governing Standards for Individual Career and Academic Plans.

2013-02-13 Board Meeting - Pt. 4 (Length: 01:24:03 | Format: MP3 | Size: 28.8 MB)

Includes: Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act (READ Act): List of Approved Diagnostic and Summative Assessments, Graduation Guidelines Update, and Commissioner's Report cont.: Lt. Governor's Briefing.

2013-02-13 Board Meeting - Pt. 5 (Length: 01:05:14 | Format: MP3 | Size: 22.4 MB)

Includes: Graduation Guidelines Update cont. and Commissioner's Report cont.: SB 191 Pilot Update and other Licensed Personnel Update.

2013-02-13 Board Meeting - Pt. 6 (Length: 00:59:29 | Format: MP3 | Size: 20.4 MB)

Includes: Vote on Action Item 19.01, Potential Impacts of Moving to Average Daily Membership System/BOCES and Small District Shared Services - Opportunities for Cost Savings and Efficiencies, State Board of Education Member Reports, and Public Comment.

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