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Board Meeting Audio Archives - November 14, 2012

November 14, 2012

2012-11-14 Board Meeting - Pt. 1 (Length: 01:48:09 | Format: MP3 | Size: 37.1 MB)

Includes: Commencement of Meeting, Approval of Agenda, Approval of Consent Agenda, Vote on the following Rulemaking Hearings: Rules Concerning Charter Schools Applying for Federal and State Grants and Program, Rules for the Administration, Certification and Oversight of Colorado Online Programs, Rules for the Administration of the Waiver of Statute and Rule, Rules Related to the Development, Expansion, Implementation and Management of the Regional Service Areas, Rules for the Administration of the Public School Finance Act of 1994, Rules for the Administration of the Public School Transportation Fund, and Vote on Notice of Rulemaking: Rules for the Administration of the READ Act.

2012-11-14 Board Meeting - Pt. 2 (Length: 01:41:27 | Format: MP3 | Size: 34.8 MB)

Includes: Commissioner's Report, Vote on Notice of Rulemaking: Amend Rules for the Administration of Statewide Accountability Measurers for Colorado Public School System, Vote on Statewide Targets Established in the School and District Performance Frameworks, Report on Characteristics and Perspectives of Colorado's Online Students, Vote on FY12-13 BEST Lease-Purchase Grant and FY12-13 BEST Large Cash Grants, and Commissioner's Report cont.: Review of Department Recommendations Concerning District Plan Type Assignments under the Educational Accountability Act of 2009.

2012-11-14 Board Meeting - Pt. 3 (Length: 02:55:36 | Format: MP3 | Size: 60.2 MB)

Includes: Commissioner's Report cont.: Next Steps Regarding Review of Educator Licensure, Lt. Governor's Briefing, School Readiness Assessment Recommendations, and State Board Reports.

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