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Board Meeting Audio Archives - November 3, 2010

November 3, 2010

2010-11-03 Board Meeting - Pt. 1 (Length: 01:07:59 | Format: MP3 | Size: 23.3 MB)

Includes: Commencement of Meeting, Approval of Agenda, Approval of Consent Agenda, State Board Reports, State Board Office Report, and CDE Staff Reports: Legislative Update.

2010-11-03 Board Meeting - Pt. 2 (Length: 01:25:48 | Format: MP3 | Size: 29.4 MB)

Includes: CDE Staff Reports continued: Update on Assessment developments, and input from interested persons and organizations regarding the inclusion of Social Studies in Assessments.

2010-11-03 Board Meeting - Pt. 3 (Length: 00:38:22 | Format: MP3 | Size: 13.1 MB)

Includes: Commissioner's Report: Educator Effectiveness update, SB09-163 update (district performance framework).

2010-11-03 Board Meeting - Pt. 4 (Length: 00:42:38 | Format: MP3 | Size: 14.6 MB)

Includes: Issues & Trends: Educational Data Advisory Committee (EDAC) 2009-2010 Annual Report, and Commissioner Jones' discussion on transition plans for CDE.

2010-11-03 Board Meeting - Pt. 5 (Length: 00:49:08 | Format: MP3 | Size: 16.8 MB)

Includes: Timed Items: First Rulemaking Hearing: Rules Governing the Educator Licensing Act of 1991 Regarding the Standards for Professional Competencies for an Initial Administrator License with a Director of Special Education Endorsement and Voting, Second Rulemaking Hearing: Rules Establishing Requirements for Authorization as a School Speech-Language-Pathology-Assistant, and Recognition of the Online Teachers of the Year.

2010-11-03 Board Meeting - Pt. 6 (Length: 01:24:36 | Format: MP3 | Size: 29.0 MB)

Includes: CDE Staff Reports continued: Update on process to utilize Title V funding for Grant Program HHS-2010-ACF-ACYF-AEGP-0123, Budget Update, and Commissioner's Report continued.

2010-11-03 Board Meeting - Pt. 7 (Length: 00:45:18 | Format: MP3 | Size: 15.5 MB)

Includes: SBE Implementation of Commissioner Search: discussion on Scope of Work for consultant firm and timeline for selection of new commissioner, and Voting on Action Items.

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