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Authorization in Adult Basic Education Course Descriptions

EDU 131 Introduction to Adult Education

  • This course introduces the student to the basic concepts in the instruction of adults. Emphases will be placed on understanding the adult learner and how individual backgrounds and experiences can affect the learning process. Additionally, the course will cover applicable federal and state legislation which affects adult learning programs and will provide information on the resources and associations in the field of Adult Education.
  • 3 credit hours

EDU 132 Planning, Organizing, and Delivering
Adult Education Instruction

  • This course will cover the basics of planning an adult education program, organizing instruction within the various content areas and delivering the material in a variety of ways, both in groups and individualized instruction. A wide variety of learning principles and theories will be addressed showing their applicability to the adult learner and his/her education.
  • 3 credit hours

EDU 133 Adult Basic Education (ABE) and
Adult Secondary Education (ASE/GED)

  • This course will specifically address the different levels within an Adult Education program. Each level will be addressed in terms of appropriate assessment tools and instructional techniques. Emphasis will be placed on teaching ways for the instructor to encourage the development of cognitive skills at each level as a springboard to the next higher level.
  • 3 credit hours

EDU 134 Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)
to Adult Learners

  • In this course, the student will be introduced to the development and implementation of a program to teach English to adults whose first language is not English. Topics will range widely from assessment and placement to the theories behind language acquisition. Students will also cover a wide variety of methodologies, both group and individualized, that are aimed at teaching the non-English speaker the written and verbal skills necessary to successfully function in the U.S.
  • 3 credit hours

EDU 135 Family Literacy in Adult Education

  • This course will introduce the student to the philosophy and theory behind family literacy, as well as give practical advice on the development and implementation of a family literacy program. The four component model--adult education, early childhood education, parent and child together time (PACT), and parenting--will be covered, both in theory and practical application.
  • 3 credit hours
  • This course is optional for AEFLA program staff, but required for Even Start program staff

EDAE 520 Adult Learning

  • Addresses Introduction to Adult Education competencies (EDU 131)

EDAE 590 Teaching ESL to Adults

  • Addresses Teaching ESL to Adult Learners competencies (EDU 134)

EDAE 620 Processes and Methods

  • Addresses Planning, Organizing and Delivering Adult Education Instruction competencies (EDU 132)

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