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2. Program Information Updates

This purpose of this process is to keep track of any programmatic and/or fiscal changes to a grant proposal during the 
program year. It also ensures the changes are reflected in other documents and systems so that there is a continuity of service to adult learners and program partners. 

Grantees receiving funds from the Office of Adult Education Initiatives Office (AEI) are required to submit programmatic and/or fiscal changes to their AEI Program Coordinator for approval prior to implementation. These changes must be within the scope of the original grant application or most recent continuation application, and must also adhere to all assurances. 

The program director must send the following information to their AEI Program Coordinator via email: 

  • Date of request
  • Is there a fiscal impact associated to this program change?
    • If yes, does the transfer request exceed 10% of the total budget?
    • If yes, does the change involve a change to salary or equipment?
    • If yes, attach a revised budget to this request and note any changes made to the budget in the comments tab of the budget sheet.
  • Does this involve a change/addition of address?
    • If yes, please identify whether the address is in addition to the current address(es) AEI has on file or if it is replacing an address. Please provide the new address and the address that is no longer associated with your program, if applicable. 
    • If reimbursements from CDE should go to this new address, you must also fill out a W-9 form and send it to Marti Rodriguez at as well as update the address on 
  • Is this an out-of-state travel request? If so, fill out the Grantee Out of State Request Form (PDF).
  • Explain the changes to the program. Please include information about what the situation was prior to the change and then explain the change. Please also include a reason for the change.

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