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3. Program Income Policy (AEFLA)

In order to ensure compliance with federal policy, AEFLA grantees must have a current Program Income Policy on file. If grantees plan to collect student fees, the grantee must ensure the fees are necessary and reasonable. Fees cannot impose a barrier for learners. Grantees are prohibited from counting tuition and fees collected from learners toward meeting matching, cost-sharing, or Maintenance of Effort requirements. Program fees must support the program area for which the fees are collected and must be expended within the program year in which they are collected.

The Program Income Policy must answer the following questions:

  • Does the grantee collect fees from students attending an AEFLA-funded program?
    • If yes:
      • What is the rationale for charging a student fee?
      • When are student fees, payments and alternatives explained to learners?
      • Are all AEFLA-funded learners charged the student fee? If not, which students receive an exception (ie: learners under 21, refugees, etc.)?
      • Is there any circumstance in which the learner is denied AEFLA services because of the student fee?
  • What fiscal procedures are in place to ensure program income is expended in the year it is collected?
    • Who handles the funds from student fees?
    • What are the funds used for?
    • How are the funds tracked?
  • Fee Schedule
    • What amount is charged? How was this fee determined?
    • When is the learner asked to pay the fee? How does the student receive billing statements? When are they issued and how long does the student have to pay? Is there a payment plan option?
    • What months or blocks of instruction does that fee cover? How many classes does it cover?
    • Is there a prorated amount for students who start after the start of class? If so, explain.
  • Alternatives to Paying Student Fee
    • What is the grantee’s process for learners who disclose they cannot pay the fee?
    • What steps are taken to either waive the fee or provide a scholarship opportunity  for learners so they aren’t denied services?
    • Are there any additional requirements for learners who have fees paid through scholarship or the student fee waived?

An updated Program Income Policy is due to AEI on an annual basis.

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