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4. Distance Learning

The Distance Learning Policy (PDF) ensures adult literacy programs have a means to accurately document and deliver services to learners using flexible instructional models and diverse media. The policy also provides guidance to AEFLA- and AELA-funded programs on how to classify, track, and report acceptable hours for distance learning activities.

Both AEFLA and AELA-funded programs also sign Distance Learning Assurances.

Before providing distance learning, grantees must submit a distance learning application to AEI for any distance learning tool(s) or platform(s) they plan to implement. Submit applications at the beginning of each grant cycle and anytime thereafter to add new platforms or make changes to how a currently approved platform will be used. AEI may reject any applications where the required description or evidence is insufficient, or the resource does not support instruction aligned to Colorado’s adult education standards (College and Career Readiness Standards and English Language Proficiency Standards).

AEI Distance Learning Application