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Technical Assistance

Definition of Technical Assistance

The AEI Office defines technical assistance (TA) as information, guidance, assistance, professional development and/or training on activities outlined by the AEFLA grant program. Technical assistance can be general, targeted, or intensive.

  • General TA includes information or publications such as handbooks, AEI Updates, AEI Office Hours, and the AEI Web site.
  • Targeted TA is based on needs common to multiple grantees such as the New Directors' Support Project, AEFLA Program Directors' Meeting, desktop monitoring, and topical webinars.
  • Intensive TA is purposeful, planned assistance to resolve a specific compliance or performance challenge. This is usually initiated by the AEI Office and/or CDE's Office of Grants Fiscal.

Available Assistance

Annual AEFLA Program Directors' Meeting

The AEFLA Program Directors' Meeting is held annually to update and inform programs about current initiatives, trends, and opportunities. The meeting also offers an opportunity for networking with CDE/AEI staff, program directors, and key program staff.

Data Collection and Reporting

Colorado uses CAESAR as the statewide data collection system for AEFLA-funded programs. CAESAR collects the demographic and performance data that is required by the National Reporting System (NRS) and generates reports that meet the accountability system requirements of the NRS.

In addition to meeting NRS reporting and accountability requirements, the data entered into CAESAR is used to help inform continuous improvement and progress monitoring. CAESAR data is regularly used and reviewed by AEI staff as part of monthly desktop monitoring efforts.

AEFLA Program Information Update

Grants Fiscal Reference Documents

New Directors' Support

New AEFLA program directors receive targeted technical assistance through the New Directors' Support initiative..

Office Hours

AEI hosts quarterly webinar-based meeting for AEFLA Program Directors and key staff. Office Hours allows AEI staff to share updates, program requirements, announcements, and grant program developments with the field.

Assessment Training

Assessment trainings are held each year for assessment proctors. These trainings provide an opportunity for new authorizing new assessment proctors or a refresher training for current assessment proctors to remain current.

Standards of Quality

In 2010, a set of Adult Education Standards of Quality were developed to describe the features and practices of an exemplary adult education and/or family literacy program. There are thirteen standards, each addressing a key aspect of program management or the delivery of services to adult learners

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