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Technical Assistance

Definition of Technical Assistance

The AEFL Office defines technical assistance (TA) as information, guidance, assistance, professional development and training in planning, developing and administering activities supported by the AEFLA grant program.  Technical assistance can be general, targeted, or intensive.

  • General TA includes information or publications such as newsletters, handbooks, and the AEFL Web site; and communication by telephone or e-mail.
  • Intensive TA is purposeful, planned assistance to resolve a specific compliance or performance problem. This is usually initated by the AEFL Office and/or CDE's Office of Grants Fiscal.

Annual AEFLA Program Directors Conference

AEFLA Program Directors Conference is held annually to update and inform programs about current issues, initiatives, and opportunities; and to offer an opportunity for networking with CDE/AEFL staff and program directors and their key staff.


WIOA Transition Resources


AEFL Staff Contacts for Questions and Assistance

Debra Fawcett, Principal Consultant
AEFLA grant: continuation, RFP, annual performance report, program budget, performance targets, policy and compliance issues
Data Collection and Reporting: CAESAR, NRS cohorts and follow-up, statistical reports; program performance

Vacant, Senior Consultant
Adult Basic Education (ABE) Authorization

Jane Miller, Senior Consultant
Professional Development: Annual Teacher Self-assessment, PD Policy, PD MAP
ESL and EL/Civics:
Standards of Quality for Adult Education Programs in Colorado

Elizabeth Shupe, Senior Consultant
Assessment Monitoring
Continuous Program Improvement
New Directors' Support

Chelsea Stewart, Adult Basic Education Training and Learning Center
Assessment Training
Special Learning Needs
Standards-Based Instruction

Sharon Stone, Consultant
New Directors' Support - AEIOU

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