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AEFLA PPOR Policy Statement

AEFLA programs serve adults who are over the age of 16 and not currently enrolled in school, who lack a high school diploma or the basic skills (including English literacy) to function effectively in the workplace or in their daily lives. Students for whom a program receives any PPOR funds from a cooperating school district are enrolled in that district and cannot be included in AEFLA learner projections or outcomes.


Because PPOR students cannot be included in AEFLA learner projections or outcomes, should these students be included in the adult education data collection and reporting system?

Yes. The AEFLA data collection system provides a method for earmarking those students who are PPOR/enrolled in high school. PPOR/enrolled in high school student records will not be represented in state and federal reports. However, programs (and the State) will be able to collect data and view reports on this category of student that would otherwise require alternative tracking systems. Local programs have the ability to edit student records during the program year as needed. A student record that has been initially designated as PPOR can be edited should the student’s status change.

Are teenagers 16 years and older who are currently enrolled in high school but also attending adult education (ABE, ASE, or ESL) classes to improve their skills and for whom the program is not receiving PPOR funds reportable for AEFLA purposes?

No. Even though the program is not receiving PPOR funds for services to these students, they are enrolled in high school and are therefore ineligible for services under AEFLA. These students should not be included in AEFLA learner projections or outcomes. If the program wishes to serve these students with other funding resources, they could be included in the AEFLA database, but must be designated as PPOR/enrolled in high school.

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