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New Teacher Orientation for AEI Local Programs

These topics are intended as guidance for program directors who are in the process of developing a local orientation and/or as a cross check for directors whose programs already have an established orientation. Local conditions vary, so some items on this comprehensive list may not apply to all programs and items not included may be of importance to certain programs. The list is offered as a tool that can be adopted as is or adapted to suit local program conditions and needs.

Download New Teacher Orientation memo to Program Directors (pdf)

Program Overview

  • Program mission
  • Personnel – staff functions and contact information
  • Learner population served by the program
  • Program services available to clients
  • Tuition and fee policies
  • Sites, classroom locations
  • Program annual calendar
  • Adult education class schedules
  • Policies for learners with special learning needs
  • Policies for students who don’t make appropriate progress
  • Safety in the classroom and building
  • General policies (e.g. dress code, cell phone use)
  • Types of funding
  • Partnerships
  • Community services, support systems and events that benefit adults and families, for referral of learners

Teacher as an Employee

  • Job description
  • Employee handbook or policy manual
  • Payroll procedures
  • Student enrollment forms
  • Student attendance records
  • Student files / folders
  • Security of student records
  • Program policies and procedures for observing and evaluating teachers and staff
  • Required forms for partners and other stakeholders (if applicable)
  • Other paperwork for local program purposes

Teacher as a Classroom Instructor

  • Assessments – required training, testing schedules, record keeping, use of results
  • Goal setting – AEFLA goals for NRS, personal goals
  • Lesson planning
  • Curriculum
  • Student attendance policy
  • Availability of materials for student use and teacher planning
  • Availability and use of technology (copy machine, printer, computer lab, TV/VCR)
  • Policies and services for transition of ESL learners to ABE/ASE and ASE/GED learners to post-secondary education
  • GED testing process and program’s connection to a local GED testing center
  • CareerReady Colorado certificate process and program’s connection to a local workforce center
  • Substitute teacher policies and procedures
  • Volunteers

Professional Development

  • Expectations of ongoing participation in PD for professional growth
  • Availability of professional development opportunities at the local, regional, state, national and cyber levels
  • Obtaining the Adult Basic Education (ABE) Authorization

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