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Tuition Reimbursement for Professional Development Support for Adult Basic Education Authorization Courses

Recipients of PD Support for ABE Authorization Courses must:

  • Register for the course for which they were awarded PD Support
  • Apply for the College Opportunity Fund
  • Pay 50% of the tuition and fees.*

*Online registration requires 100% payment; the online registration system will not accept a 50% payment. (Contact the college by phone or go to the campus to pay 50% with a credit card, cash or a check or to set up payment arrangements.)

If a registered student pays 100% of the tuition and fees upon registration for a course, the first 50% can be reimbursed anytime during the semester when the following forms and attachments are completed by the registered student and received by the AEFL office:

  • The completed Non-Employee Request for Reimbursement/Payment - Form CDE 56
  • Proof of payment for the tuition
  • Unofficial transcript

To receive the second 50% reimbursement, follow the instructions outlined below.

When the student pays 50% of tuition and fees, the college will invoice CDE for the remaining 50%.

The 50% tuition paid by the adult educator will be reimbursed when the following forms and attachments are completed by the registered student and received by the state office of Adult Education and Family Literacy.

Applying for Reimbursement

  1. To request a Special Request for Reimbursement/Payment - Form CDE 56, send an email to
  2. Complete the contact information at the top of the form (name, SSN, mailing address). LEAVE THE REIMBURSEMENT REQUEST SECTION BLANK. Sign and date the Certification Section. Indicate if you are licensed to teach in the state of Colorado.
  3. Attach copies of the following:
    1. Student’s course schedule (should show the college name, student’s name and course(s))
    2. Payment receipt (a credit card statement showing the college name and the amount paid is acceptable)
    3. Unofficial transcript showing the completed course with a grade of A or B (a temporary grade report from the college pending a final grade is acceptable)
  4. Keep a copy for the student’s records.
  5. Mail or fax CDE Form 56 with signature in ink and the attachments to: PD Support for ABE Authorization Courses Coordinator, Colorado Department of Education, Adult Education and Family Literacy, 201 E. Colfax Ave., Room 300, Denver, CO 80203, or fax 303.866.6599.

A check will be sent to the name/address submitted on Form 56. Questions should be directed to the PD Support for ABE Authorization Courses Coordinator at

Applicants who are awarded PD Support for an ABE Authorization course who are unable to complete the course should contact the college registrar and request an “incomplete” for the course before the college’s deadline. Recipients who drop a course must notify the CDE/AEFL office immediately. Failure to notify the AEFL office could result in future ineligibility for PD support. The recipient will be billed for the amount of support provided if the course is dropped after the college’s deadline.

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