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Event Date and Time

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 - 3:00pm


A Q&A opportunity to continue the discussion on the changes to ASCENT and CE (see below) is scheduled for next Tuesday, May 17 @ 3:00pm on Zoom.
Please register online.

As a result of the passage of the Public School Finance bill (HB22-1390), significant changes were made to the ASCENT and Concurrent Enrollment programs.

  • Removal of ASCENT slots - Any eligible student may participate in ASCENT

    • The cap of 500 ASCENT slots statewide is removed.

    • Therefore, there is no ASCENT allocation model.

    • Any eligible student may participate in the ASCENT program if they meet eligibility requirements.

  • ASCENT eligibility -  9 postsecondary credit hours 

    • The number of postsecondary credit hours required to be eligible to participate in the ASCENT program is now 9 (reduced from 12).

  • ASCENT Funding

    • CDE anticipates local education providers (LEPs) will utilize the Student October Count file as the mechanism to submit funding for ASCENT students.

    • In addition, districts and charter schools will report to CDE the estimated number of ASCENT participants for the upcoming school year, and CDE will report the total estimated participants to the General Assembly as part of its budget request.

    • Districts who currently have carryforward slots are expected to prioritize those slots in any ASCENT funding submission. Reminders will be sent out to those districts. 

    • Further details will be forthcoming.

  • LEPs can no longer require repayment from students who do not complete concurrent enrollment courses or earn a failing grade

    • The language in 22-35-105(4)(a-c) is now removed.

Further details will be forthcoming. Information on CDE websites and documents will be updated as soon as possible. In the meantime, please contact Michelle Romero at or call 303-877-4155 if you have any questions.




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Michelle Romero
Phone: 303-877-4155