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Test Administration

Early Warning System (EWS)

TestNav Common Error Codes

The Early Warning System (EWS) is integrated functionality that gives TestNav a high degree of fault tolerance and provides additional fail-safes in the event of unexpected network disruptions during online testing.

  • Minimal interruptions for students
  • Multiple physical file backups to safeguard against data loss
  • Notification Screens designed for Test Proctors
  • Early Warning System notifications often involve IT staff so an understanding is necessary to correct any issues during testing

Trouble Shooting Process for Test Administration

Test Administration Overview

  1. Read the Error Message on the Screen
  2. Check the TestNav 8 User Guide in Pearson Access pages 6-29 for
  • Message Screen Shot
  • Explaination
  • Action
  • Contact Person Responsible for TestNav Configuration
    • If the Early Warning System has been triggered.
    • If issue involves Proctor Caching.
    • If issue involves Student Response File save location.
  • Contact Pearson Support  @ 888-687-4759
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