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Proctor Caching

 Proctor Caching Software Update

What is Proctor Caching? 

 Proctor Caching Users Guide in PearsonAccess

Using Caching Strategies to Better Manage Network Traffic Demand During Online High-stakes Assessments

Proctor Caching Password:  t35t1n6

  • Proctor caching is Pearson supplied software that is used in conjunction with TestNav to reduce bandwidth requirements for school or campus networks and accelerate the delivery of test content.

  • Proctor Caching allows encrypted test content to be downloaded before a test and securely cached locally on one of your computers. the test content download process is typically launched by a test proctor or test administrator.

  • With Proctor caching , content comes from a local computer instead of traveling from Pearson over the internet. This means that large numbers of student tests can be delivered smoothly - even in a low bandwidth network environment. 

  • Proctor caching enhances the performance of your existing technology. No additional hardware is required.

  • Proctor caching software (Mac or PC) can be downloaded and installed to an existing computer on your network that meets these minimum specifications. Once the software is installed, that computer functions as your Proctor Caching computer.
  • Caching test content on your computer introduces no additional security risks. Sophisticated encryption techniques are applied to the test content before transmission from Pearson. Test content remains encrypted until it is displayed to a student.

  • By implementing Proctor Caching, you put less data load on your network and create a better testing experience for students.


Identify Proctor Caching Machine 

  • Ensure it meets system requirements. 

Download & Install Proctor Caching Software

  • Repeat this process for each proctor caching machine for each organization that will be testing.

*The Proctor Caching Machine must have fixed IP address!

*Windows Firewall will need to be turned off on the proctor caching device.


  • Complete System Check Network User Capacity & Testing Volume
  • Complete System Check verification on wired and wireless testing labs by testing each computer lab’s readiness running  the Network User Capacity tab of the System Check tool and verify the performance of your internet connection.
  • Run the software  2 to 3 time at the same exact time you anticipate the field test assessment will take place

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