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CDE Technology Updates

  • Technology Update 08-19-2015 - Topics include New Proctor Caching Software Available, Important Update: TestNav 8.3 Release, Updated TestNav Apps for Android, ChromeOS, and iOS, Installable TestNav 8.4 Expected Release Date, Technology Guidelines for PARCC Assessments v5.0, PARCC Technology Operating System Support Diagram, and ACCESS for ELLs 2.0.
  • Technology Update 04-06-2015 - Topics include Java Critical Patch Update, Reminder for Google Chrome Web Browser Users: Google to Disable NPAPI Support, Keyboard Zoom Removing Students from TestNav on Chromebooks, Students Exited to the Chromebook Login Screen, and Refrain from Making Unnecessary Changes or Updates to Technology Environments when Possible.
  • Technology Update 03-30-2015 - Topics include TestNav 8.2 and Firefox ESR 31.5 Magnifier Functionality Issue, Mac OS X 10.9.4 & Safari 7 Science Simulation Video Playback, Adding TestNav Configurations to PearsonAccess Classic Reminder, Testing your Assessment Environments in the PearsonAccess Classic Training Center, and Loading All Available Science and Social Studies Assessment Forms to Proctor Caching Servers in PearsonAccess Classic.
  • Technology Update 02-20-2015 - Topics include Pearson PARCC Help Desk Tips, TestNav Error Codes, Video Demonstration of Precaching Test Content Options in PearsonAccessnext, Video Demonstration of TestNav Configuration for Precaching Content in PearsonAccessnext and a CORRECTION: New TestNav Application Update for iOS Version.
  • Technology Update 02-18-2015 - Topics include One Proctor Caching for all TN assessments, Precaching Test Content Options in PearsonAccessnext, New TestNav Application Update (iOS and ChromeOS), and PearsonAccessnext 2.2 Release.
  • Technology Update 02-11-2015 - Topics include KITE/DLM - Local Caching Service Software Update, TestNav8 - CMAS: Science and Social Studies and PARCC Single URL and Customer Choice for Operational Assessments, PARCC Map to Technology Guides, Browser Specific Setup Guides - Additional "Verification" Steps Added, and Global Proxy and iPad.
  • Technology Update 01-29-2015 - Topics include KITE/DLM - Local Caching Service Software Update, TestNav8 - New URLs to whitelist, TestNav8 and PearsonAccessnext Version Updates, iPad and Chrome Apps Released, Global Proxy and iPad, and Infrastructure Trial Resources.
  • Technology Update 01/05/2015 - Topics include URLs and phone numbers for spring trainings and office hours, Google Chrome support for KITE Educator Portal, Upcoming Software Release Dates that effect Testnav, TestNav 8 URLs for the PARCC & CMAS spring Administrations.
  • Pearson Technology Update 12/22/2014 - Topics include new Technical Bulletin: Google to Disable NPAPI for Chrome browser in 2015 Hardware and Software Requirements for TestNav 8.2.
  • Technology Update 12/19/2014 - Topics include spring 2015 trainings and office hours, Headphone/Earphone and Microphone Requirements for PARCC ELA Assessments, Word Prediction and Speech-to-Text Accommodations for Online Assessment, and Update Proctor Caching Software to v2014.1.15.


Pearson Technology Bulletins

  • Chrome OS 38 and TestNav Issue Resolution - October 31, 2014 - Pearson has identified an issue with Chrome OS version 38.0.2125.101 and the TestNav app on Chromebooks in which a blank white screen appears and TestNav no longer responds. Google resolved this issue with Chrome OS version 38.0.2125.108. This issue does not affect Chrome OS 35, 36, or 37.
  • Pearson Memo October 29, 2014- Preparation Reminders for the High School Science and Social Studies Administration, Rebooting iPads and Chromebooks between Test Attempts, Locating Student Response Files (SRFs) for Chromebooks and iPads, and Important Information for Districts Using Internet Explorer.  
  • Pearson Technical Bulletin – October 21, 2014 - Topics include New Pearson Technology Requirements Page, Java Update, Browser support, and Chromebook support.
  • Pearson Technical Bulletin – October 15, 2014 - Provides information about Safari 7.0x on Mac OS X 10.9 not allowing optimal playback of some videos and simulations in the CMAS fall assessment.
  • Pearson_Technology_Update_Memo_9-30.pdf - Topics include critical update to Pearson’s TestNav Proctor Caching software and iOS8 Operating System guidance from Pearson.


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